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To learn how to detect the origin of humidity, you can place a piece of aluminum foil on the moisture, and it remains attached for hours or a couple of days. When removing the aluminum, you’ll know if the water leak has come from the outside of the paper’s face placed on the moisture is wet. On the other hand, if the side that is not in contact with moisture is wet, it means that the moisture has its origin in a failure in the pipes.

Another method to find out if there is a water leak in the pipes in your home is by checking for a bad smell in any of the rooms. The pipes that return to the sewer network contain sewage and fecal water that, when there is a leak, it can emit unpleasant odors that are easy to perceive.

What to Do When a Pipe Breaks?

If you detect a water leak in your home or premises, the next step is to repair it. To do this, go to a specialized plumbing company. Experts know in advance everything necessary to correctly repair a pipeline in complete safety.

There are other methods by which a water leak can be pinpointed. One of them is geophones, devices that are capable of detecting and recording highly sensitive sounds. Through the noise produced by water leaks, technicians can trace their exact coordinates to know precisely the point where it is necessary to perform the repair.

Procedures to Repair a Broken Pipe

There are various procedures to repair a broken pipe, such as cladding pipes or using robot packers. In the cladding case, a tube with a diameter smaller than that of the pipe is introduced, which is sealed to the pipe walls. This material will considerably lengthen the duration of the useful life of the pipe.

On the other hand, in the packer robot technique, the packer is introduced through the pipe. It seals a resistant material over the pipe’s break to fill the leak and prevent water from seeping through it. Thus, you obtain a pipeline with a wall repaired and rehabilitated to transport water again.

Broken pipes pose a severe problem for the integrity of the sewer. If there is a water leak in the pipes’ walls, the water flow cannot complete its cycle and ends up going outside, which can be a great nuisance for the inhabitants of a home or the owners of a business.

To guarantee the health of the place, it is essential to find a commercial water damage restoration company to properly evacuate the water discharged through the drains and repair the pipes. 

To know if there are water leaks in your home, you must know how to detect them, and after doing so, proceed with its repair, always advised by a team of plumbing experts.

How to Detect if a Pipe is Broken

When a pipe break occurs, the water leaks outside, leaving its trace on the house’s structures. When there is a water leak, the well-known dampness occurs on the walls or ceilings.


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