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India As A Destination For Medical Tourism

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If you are relatively new to India as a destination for medical tourism topics, you may have heard the term medical tourism being thrown out in many articles over the internet. This blog is designed to answer all your questions about what makes the medical tourism boom in India to what benefits you will get when you come to India for your medical treatments.

Let’s get started with the basics and talk about medical tourism in general, not specific to India. Fret not! You will get to learn everything about how to get the best medical tourism in India experience without being broke. Lend us your ears! 

If one industry that has thrived in the last few decades is medical tourism. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, medical tourists travel across the border to seek high standard medical treatment, which is affordable too! 

What’s the intent of medical tourism? 

The intent of medical tourism is to focus on delivering the high standard of medical value to the patient within the best budget constraints. If you talk about the global medical tourism market, you will discover on the web that it’s estimated to be $45.5 billion to $72 billion. 

However, not every country is reliable to trust for medical tourism values. A few of the best medical tourism destinations across the world include – India, Thailand, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom. From surgeries to fertility treatments, all of these destinations provide value and high success rates for healthcare treatments. 

But the western countries, in comparison to India, have a whopping cost for medical treatments. Plus, the cost of travelling to that specific location also includes an additional whopping travel expense due to long-distance airfares. 

Why do people migrate to India to seek healthcare treatments? 

The reason might be anything like due to the less availability of medical treatments expertise in a specific location, or you are looking for high standard medical treatments within your budget constraints. Obstacles or you could say barriers of costs and expenses force people to migrate to an affordable medical tourism destination like India to seek the high success rate healthcare. 

Another reason why patients across the border have an urge to visit India on medical visas because India has some of the latest and advanced medical technologies, and its foreign return doctors from top-notch medical colleges provide a high quality of healthcare service. For that, you don’t need to shed out the wholesome amount, as India is touted to be one of the most competitive medical tourism destinations in the world, lined with the high standard healthcare centers and doctors. 

Learn about Medical tourism in India 

Ever wondered about how big the global medical tourism industry is? Before 2026, the global medical tourism market size is supposed to be reached at USD 179.6 Billion. And if you talk about India, the medical tourism industry of India is now $3 billion, which was supposed to be reached at $9 billion if this pandemic wouldn’t have hit the country’s economy. 

But it hardly affects medical tourism in India because India has opened its doors for medical tourists with a slight little additional cost of treatments just to compensate for the loss India’s medical tourism industry has gone through in the previous 6 months. According to the Medical Tourism Index, India, in 2015, is ranked the 3rd most popular destination for medical patients. From the medical visa process to hospitality, India surprises medical tourists at each turn. 

Talking about the growth of medical tourism in India, which was supposed to be $9 billion if the pandemic wouldn’t have hit, the most number of medical patients that come across the border to India for seeking budget medical care are from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan. It is estimated that around 2lakh+ patients in 2017 came from Bangladesh to India, and around 60,000+ patients were from Afghanistan. This clearly shows the importance of India’s medical tourism. 

Factors that are considered the big draws for India’s medical tourism : 

Quick medical visa

If you want to obtain a quick medical visa for your life taking treatment, the hospitality of India and it’s people who are sitting in the authoritative position can help you! Seriously you get a quick medical visa to India if you will pick a reliable medical tourism company in India like Medsurge India. Wondering how? Connect with Medsurge India today! 

Unmatched healthcare by certified doctors

Doctors or surgeons in India are foreign returns. If you don’t believe us, then the stats reveal that an estimated 66% of all doctors in India that are top-class surgeons are from the United States and the United Kingdom return and serve for their patients in NABH accredited hospitals across India’s different states. So, rest assured about the treatment quality because you get the maximum success rate of treatment in India. 

Cost-effective treatments

You know what? You have come this far to read this blog so come straight to the point. You save upto 55% to 85% of expenses if you choose India as your preferred medical tourism destination compared to western countries like Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, and similar. What else do you want on your medical treatment hopping? 

You don’t have to wait for too long 

The major problem patients across the border ask from their selected medical tourism company in India is will I have to wait for a longer time for my surgery or treatment? The answer to this NO! India provides minimal waiting time for foreign patients who come on the medical visa compared to western nations. So if you want to save your plenty of weeks or even months, you know which destination for your healthcare you should pick! 

 Mental and wellness wellbeing

Not only medical treatments, patients across the United States traverse to India for seeking mental and emotional wellbeing also with the ancient Ayurveda practice. Ayurveda is the mother of healing in ancient science. If you, too, want to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with revitalizing mindfulness techniques like yoga, meditation, there’s no other place better than India. Most of the life-taking diseases are cured with the effective practice of Ayurvedic medicines and herbs. 

Conclusion – 

There you have it – India with a lens of foreigner perspective if medical tourism is in mind. As mentioned above, please let me know in the comments if you want to know what Medsurge India can do for you and how much expense for your medical tourism in India you would have to pay if you travel to India along with the help of Medsurge India. Speak to us today! 

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