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Almost everyone has guilty pleasures. These are some little things we do, watch, or our thoughts, that the inner voice tells us may not be right. However, we still find joy and fulfillment in these activities. Here are some pleasures that Indians are guilty of.

Hindi Songs with cheesy lyrics

A lot of Indians enjoy Hindi songs whether or not they contain quality lyrics. Some feel embarrassed to talk about it while some do not. Some people even play the songs on loudspeakers. As long as it has a good beat, we don’t care how bad the lyrics are.

Romantic novels

No one should ever feel ashamed or guilty for reading any book of their choice. In fact, we should be proud to arrange our books on the bookshelf and display them publicly. However, when we consider romance novels with the adult and erotic scenes, we can call them guilty pleasure books. Such books are the types you may want to hide after reading. But these books are interesting and highly entertaining. We get so immersed in the storyline and the romantic scenes that we keep asking for more.


Gambling is prohibited by the law in India. In fact, people frown against gambling due to religious or moral reasons. But the truth is, many Indians are obsessed with gambling. Even more so when you easily can find casinos online. You can hide your guilty pleasures more.

You can play many of the Indian casino games which are prohibited. These games can be played in your room without anybody seeing what you’re doing.

Pakistani TV

Many years ago, during the Indian and Pakistan struggle for Kashmir, the TV and radio used to be major tools for propaganda. During the 1950s, anyone caught listening to Radio Pakistan was punished. The policies were so strict and anyone listening was doing so at his own peril.

These policies and restrictions were eased by the 1980s. People began to watch Pakistan TV, enjoying blockbuster Pakistani series and reality shows such as Neelam Ghar. People spent hours to fix their TV antennas to improve reception and get signals across the border.

However, it soon became risky again when a Pakistan backed insurgency was triggered in Kashmir in 1989. People who were engaged with the TV programs found it hard to stop even as there were heavy punishments attached to it.

Unhealthy food

There are lots of foods we consume daily that are delicious but not helpful to our health. No matter how much good food you consume, you still crave for some delicious treats. Many people continue to take in these foods without feeling guilty in any form, even though they know the effects it could have on them.

Teen Dramas

There’s something special about entertainment guilty pleasures that makes us not take them seriously. With interesting plots and scenes, we can’t just get our eyes off these Teen Dramas. Guilty pleasures or not, they help us relax and escape boredom. It is probably the reason why Indians will continue to watch such dramas. Teen Dramas like Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Carrie Dairies, and more.

Reality Shows

Different types of shows are available on Indian TVs. These shows are enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age and tribe. Examples of such shows include Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss.




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