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A lot of women have said that they owe it to Infatuation Scripts. Without this program, most probably they would still be single.

Relationships are not the easiest things in life.  There are tons of struggles that many women encounter in their lives. However, relationships don’t have to be that complicated. With the right, person and the best guide, who knows, you might just be able to find Mr. Right.

The program Infatuation Scripts by Clayton Max aims to help women (and some men) find the perfect life partner.  If you are curious about this book, then you are just in time. In this article, we are going to talk about the Infatuation Scripts by Clayton Max and why you should invest time in it.

Infatuation Scripts: The Guide of finding “The One”

The Infatuation Scripts is a program was created by Clayton Max.  He has created this program to help and guide women on how to get the men of their dreams. Max has used his personal experiences on how his wife has hypnotized him and drawn him to commit a loving relationship with her.

 Because of this, Max has debunked some of the important things about men and their views in terms of relationships.  He also added some of the best ways on how to catch men’s attention and make sure that they will never leave their eyes off you.

Meaningful Conversations

The ultimate goal of the Infatuation Scripts is making meaningful conversations. Clayton Max believes that by doing so both parties will be able to reaffirm and deepen their relationship with each other.  He lists down some of the triggers that are a big turn-off for men. He also lists down some of the tips on how women can trigger men to be in a committed relationship.

The Scripts

One of the best things about the program is the scripts. Believe it or not, the scripts are created on how you can respond to different kinds of scenarios. You can choose from Urgency, Cliffhanger, Temptation, Shaping, Curveballs, etc.

These scripts have true-to-life responses that can both amuse you and embarrass you in the long run. However, regardless of how things would end, you would get the perfect guy that you have been dreaming of in the long run.

The Verdict

A lot of women have different opinions when it comes to Infatuation Scripts. Some would say it work, some would say it didn’t. However, it is up to you how you can accomplish the scripts in the program. However, one of the things that can make your relationship work is simply being you. So, before you start with the Infatuation Scripts, make sure that you start making a better version of yourself.


The Infatuation Scripts is a program that can do a lot of wonders in your relationship. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just rely heavily on this program to help resolve your love life. You need to be true to yourself regardless of the scripts and the scenarios it entails.


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