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Insta-famous couple Domi and Frida shares tips for couple photography

It’s easy to feel the love through the photos of Domi and Frida. This Italian couple became famous on Instagram thanks to their couple photos around the world. They created their Instagram profile @weloveourlife in 2017 to keep friends and family updated on their travels. With no real intentions behind it other than to share their adventures with friends and family, they began posting content to the page regularly. Before long, they began to notice real momentum with the page and would wind up surpassing the 500,000 follower marks just a few years later. Domi and Frida have developed incredible photographic skills and their photos are enjoyed by people and magazines all over the world.

Your photos are amazing, but who is the creative mind?
We both work equally on content creation. Usually, Domi finds the best spots and I choose the outfits and poses for the shots. In post-production Domi takes care of the coloring and we work together on Photoshop if necessary. We really enjoy creating content on our travels. One day we want to print all our photos and put them on the walls of our house, so they will be memories that will remain forever.

Who takes your photos?
We use our trusty tripod for our shots 90% of the time. It’s our easiest solution when we travel but it’s not always the best. In fact, a few times we have collaborated with photographers and it’s definitely a better solution. A photographer is more practical and quicker than a tripod in taking pictures. Remember that sometimes and in some places you need to be quick to shoot. However, we know that a photographer can be an extra expense for many of you. Fortunately, technology comes to our aid thanks to remote control we can control our room remotely.

Have you had any problems in your travels taking pictures?
Sometimes for some strange reason in some places, it’s not allowed to use the tripod. For a couple like us, the tripod is essential for a photo. For example, in London, we had some problems. We were stopped by a guard near a famous spot. Finally, we asked for permission to take a photo with the tripod explaining to the guard that it was essential for us to take a photo. For example, in Rome at the Trevi Fountain, we know that the use of the tripod is not allowed even in Mexico in many places. In these cases, a good photographer is very useful.

How did you start taking couple photos of yourself?
Like all couples, we started taking selfies of ourselves. We have used a long selfie stick with a GoPro many times in the past. We took some really nice selfies. Then we started taking pictures with a tripod and our first DSLR camera. Today we use our Sony a7III as the main camera along with the same tripod.

What can you say to a couple to overcome the embarrassment of being in front of a room?
Be yourself and nobody else. Forget about the camera and just think about the person next to you. Many times the natural poses are definitely better than the previously studied ones. You won’t be very comfortable at first. However, with practice, all of this will seem a lot easier for you after some time.

What was the most difficult and rewarding shot you made?
During our visit to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, we tried several times to take a picture in front of a large clock. However, there was always a huge crowd near the clock. Domi has given up hope of taking this picture, but I still believed in it and I didn’t want to leave the museum without this memory! So, the magic moment came. A girl firmly created a line, so everyone could take the picture without problems and crowds. I was already ready with the tripod and the camera and in our turn, it was all epic, in a few moments we had our photo!


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