Sun. May 26th, 2024

Instagram Superzoom and Halloween Instagram has just launched a fun new feature called Superzoom Just in time for Halloween, you will see some new creative tools to help you turn any moment into something fun and entertaining: a new camera format called “Superzoom” and Halloween-inspired face filters and stickers. Superzoom is an easy way to record a funny video with dramatic sound effects. When you open the camera, you will see “Superzoom” next to “Boomerang” under the record button. Tap “Superzoom” and then tap record to automatically zoom in with suspenseful music. You can make a Superzoom of anything — your selfie, your friend’s goofy face or even your half-eaten sandwich. As always, you can send your video to your friends on Instagram Direct or add it to your story. You will also see a set of Halloween face filters and stickers in the camera, available from November 1st. Whether you’re planning spooky activities with friends or just hanging out at home, get into the Halloween spirit by turning yourself into a zombie, transforming from a vampire into a flying bat or getting lost in a mysterious fog. You can also add Halloween stickers to your photos and videos as a final touch.]]>

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