Instagram Influence Marketing: Everything You Need To Know About

What Is Influence Marketing?

Influence marketing is a social media approach through which brand perform their branding process and gives their product a high exposure in the marketing, through influence marketer who possesses high end audience or fan base on any social media platform. There are many agencies like Intellifluence, helping businesses achieve their sales targets.

Influence marketing allows brands to reach their target audience in a way much better than traditional TV ads marketing rather than directly selling and podcasting their products, brands hire influence marketer whom with the strategically and coordinately plan their promotion pattern and then outcast business campaigns with patterned influencer and call it influence marketing business collaboration.

Instagram Influence Marketing

There innumerable social media platform existing for influence marketing and Instagram is one of a kind and it is among the most successful business platform running for influence marketing now a days, according to a data reports in 2018, it revealed that alone instagram is a $6.9 billion business industry, and influence marketing is on a pace to become a $10 billion industry by 2020. the astonishing stardom instagram has gained which invites sacks of brands and organizations to start investing their funds on instagram influencer marketing, instagram poses such a large domain categorized influence marketer who eventually aid brands to market their product to only those specific audience who are interested or inclined towards such products, not to those personalities who are at higher range of  neglecting products  falling on out of taste category, brands  hire or collaborate with some domain inclined popular influence who possess high audience engagement and carry audience trust, brands utilize these as business building tactics and through the collaborated influence marketing they make their product endorsement.

Have you ever noticed, if you have spent even a few minutes surfing on instagram, there’s a good chance you might have come across an influencer’s post: casting and promoting any of existing brand product, instagram influence marketing has removed all the  barriers of traditional advertising and business promotion with high end celebrity hiring, instagram have introduced tons of budding Nano, micro and macro influencers which strong audience whom which brands can collaborate in one go without  much high investing funds. Thousands of influencers having a highly engaged audience, they have more than just large following, but they also generate action through their words too. This influencer gets into number of business collaboration and found marvelously turning business return values too.

By partnering with relevant influence marketers who have engaging and loud voice, brands can place your business on a high road to success road, actually influence marketing allows you to market your product to specifically those people who are interested in you niche type as it will be a wholesome waste of funds, efforts and time in case you are a makeup brand and you are promoting your products in front of game loving people a big waste ! Isn’t it ?here what instagram influencer marketing do, they track on influence marketers who possess high end audience and have people only those who  are interested in so you can collaborate with your brand inclined influence and can easily promote your podcast to those who are interested in it and are more prone to engage with your brand product this is the real massive advantage of instagram influencer marketing it allows brands to collaborate with those personalities who are inclined to their brand type or working in the same niche , this technique eventually increase brands  returns on investment with much greater possibilities of audience engagement and increased sales.

How Much Does Instagram Influence Marketing Cost ?

It’s a big question, actually it all depends on whom brands  want to collaborate with, in the earlier days of influence marketing celebs are on board with brand partnerships in exchange of high monetary system or free products and services, but those are gone now there are handful, oh sorry ! actually there are tons of Nano, micro, macro and high end influencers waiting to exchange free products for promotion space on their profile, today the biggest instagram influencers are charging major bucks to create posts and cast brand image, in fact there are some high tire celebrity influence marketers repeated charging half a million dollar per instagram post alike kim not everyone can charge so, apart from that a genuine mud tire influence marketer with over 500,000 and above fan base charges as much as $5000 to $10,000 per instagram sponsored post,  brand even found that work with couple of nano influence with quite less sponsored post cost to achieve more wider growth with fewer invested funds.


Finding the right influence marketer can be a bit challenging nowadays, buts it’s so very important to research and then reach the right influencer marketer inclined to your niche with clear set of goals and business determined logics.

Influence marketing is a power key of today’s marketing era, and can do wonders if applied rightfully. Around all over the world brands have somewhere or the other are engaged in digital influence marketing, there are social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, snapchat, tiktok etc. through which brands turn audience into meaningful purchase engagement, but these all can’t be done with a quick-click process, a lot of efforts and business expenditure required to gain brand stardom and reach up to a certain level of business heights, it was reported that on an average a micro influencer tend to get 4 to 5 business collaboration offers a month and 3 of the turns successful and it can dramatically expand your business in explodable ways.

Well, that’s solely your choice to go for either any way of marketing, but as influential marketing may cost more than the budget you have, in such cases you can try building your Instagram account by using Popular and Trending Hashtags for Instagram to have some initial exposure and that works. But if you’re good to go with budget, you can go for it and hopefully the article help you in all way possible.

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