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Do you believe in perfection? Do you always choose the best for you? Best clothes? Best shoes? A wonderful hairstyle to enhance your appearance? All these things can make a good first impression but what about the most important thing? Your smile? The first thing anyone notices is your face and a pretty, perfect smile on it.

Are you one of the charmers or the one who hides their face when they smile? Are you the one who is afraid people might mention your crooked tooth? All these insecurities can go away and you can come out of self-doubts. You just have to consult a dentist for your daily regime.

Why is Oral Health Important?

Oral health impacts the overall health of body greatly. According to dentists in Karachi, there are almost 500 species of bacteria attacking your mouth at a time. Saliva plays its role in protecting you from those harmful bacteria but it cannot hold back all the diseases you’ll carry if you fail to maintain a good oral health.

A good routine can save you from number of medical disorders likewise if not taken care of, it can promote serious health issues.

Diseases that a bad oral routine can promote:

  • Gum Infections: bleeding and swollen gums can make your life miserable. There is no good way to treat gum infections at home, the pain and bleeding will only go away if you consult a dentist. You can gargle with salt water and take pain killers to reduce the pain as an initial treatment.
  • Tooth decay: Your teeth will slowly start to fall. Teeth erosion is a common diseases which causes teeth discoloration, cracks, rough, edgy teeth and sensitivity.
  • Heart attack: oral illness causes inflammation inside the human body which leads to heart attack. Bacterial infections can cause infection in blood stream, which causes the valve blockage.
  • Stroke: when the bacteria causes the inflammation it sometimes causes the blood to clot which blocks the flow of blood. When the blockage increases to a certain level it causes a stroke. People don’t even know the reason but little things contribute to bigger problems.
  • Diabetes: usually all infections tend to rise the sugar levels in a human body likewise gum diseases do the same. A person suffering from diabetes already is more prone to this because their immunity is already low.
  • Preterm Labor: A bad oral health and the germs can cause the prostaglandins, which is a chemical to grow in a pregnant woman’s body. If these germs reach the uterus it causes premature labor.

Keeping Good Bacteria in your Mouth:

Good and bad bacteria lives in harmony in a human mouth but keeping good bacteria is equally important as removing the bad bacteria.

The bacteria that comes from probiotics promotes the enzymes in your mouth. Enzymes speedup the digestion process in your body and helps in getting rid of harmful germs that cause different gum diseases. Enzymes also clean your mouth of food particles that are stuck in corners of your mouth.

Let’s discuss easy and effective ways that can help you minimize all the diseases and will help you in maintain a good oral health.

Taking Care of your Teeth:

  • Floss Regularly
  • Brush twice a day
  • Try to use a fluoride toothpaste
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Gargle at least three times a week
  • Change your brush regularly
  • Try to avoid sticky food
  • Use mouth wash
  • Try to visit your dentist every now and then


These are the easy steps to a healthier life. A good dentist not only takes care of the germs but also removes tartar, align your teeth and maintain a beautiful smile. So stay healthy and let your teeth shine bright like a diamond!


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