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Is buying Instagram followers worth it or not?

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Whether you intend to become a social media influencer or want to spread brand awareness, having a big audience is key. And it is easy to get tempted by shortcuts to achieve this end. Buying followers for Instagram is one of these shortcuts for expanding your viewers. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about it. Is it beneficial for your account or not? What are the pros and cons of this deal? Read on ahead to find out.

Is buying Instagram followers worth it or not?

Is it possible to buy Instagram followers?

Indeed, it is. There are various services out there which are absurdly cheap. You can even buy as many as 1k followers for the price of $10 USD. Look in deeper and what you are paying for is just a figure. Most of the followers you get are either inactive profiles or bots. Which means the engagement rate on your posts is unlikely to rise. 

How can you buy Instagram followers?

It is more difficult to buy followers now in comparison to the past few years. Instagram has been taking action against the users who violate their service terms. The practice has now become more of an enigma. Buying followers in recent days tends to be a lengthy process. You need to be acquainted with someone who knows a vendor for delivering the followers. And it should preferably be someone you can trust with your financial information. 

If the vendor is legitimate, the followers you bought will start trickling in. It will depend on the vendor if the process takes few minutes or a couple days. The seller will also be rolling out your followers from time to time in order to avoid alerting Instagram.

Instagram bots 

The bots can be encountered all over Instagram. There are companies which automate the process of bot creation. They take it to such an extent that the bots can be sold as followers. In extreme cases, the bots can even steal real identities by assuming people’s names and pictures. 

The dummy accounts might seem legitimate and even look organic as they are automated to like and share posts. Some are even programmed so well that they can produce content. But because they are not real humans, they lack the following to follower ratio. The engagement produced by them is of little value and will have virtually no impact on your account’s progress. 

Without having real follower engagement, the content you post remains hidden except from your fake audience. Plus, there can no promotion of your brand in the real world through word of mouth. As your followers, the bots, sadly do not exist. 

Inactive accounts

The story does not stop at bots, however. There are actual vendors out there who sell you followers with genuine accounts. But of course, there is a catch. The accounts are either made by users whose singular goal is getting followers. Or for simply the reason providing this service. 

These type of followers might display engagement at an early stage. But they will quickly start draining the performance metrics of your amount when these accounts stop functioning. The accounts are created to only meet the purpose of catering to sponsorship. Hence, the person managing the account has no reason to browse their newsfeed, interact with posts, or purchase anything. 

Without this sort of interaction, your number of followers is inflated. As it gets none of the value generated by organic followers. Apart from buying followers, services can also be paid to follow accounts on your behalf. Based upon your target audience preferences like hashtag usage, gender, account type, or location. If done right these followed accounts will then follow you in return. 

This option allows you to have followers who are likely real accounts. But engagement will still be hard to come by. Since you cannot guarantee these accounts will be following you back. The investment is risky and unpredictable. You will not be able to have followers who are active, long-term, or loyal to your brand.

Is it beneficial to buy Instagram followers?

According to the evidence we have collected up till now, it definitely is not. Without real engagement your posts will be essentially invisible from the Explore pages or people’s newsfeeds. 

Any engagement that you obtain at an initial stage by using these methods will taper off. There are no long-term benefits to be hand from this venture. The bought followers will view, like, and comment on your posts in the start. But when the times comes for assessing the performance of your account there will be little to show. Engagement is the key element which enables Instagram algorithm to display your content to other users. 

It is also a recipe for disaster when it comes to your credibility. Having bought followers can convince real accounts to follow you. Still, you cannot depend on it. It can even your credibility among the followers who are real. Users tend to notice when you do not receive enough engagement to match the followers you display. Having 10k followers but only ten likes on your posts will lead people to question your authenticity. You can check essay mills which is essay writing service website has authentic followers.

These followers can also distort the way your performance metrics work. It is impossible to assess how well your brand is connecting with your target audience if the majority is fake. You cannot convert your followers if they are mostly bots and inactive accounts. Which destroys the whole purpose of having an Instagram account for professional purposes. 

Whether you are a business dealing in products or services like academic writing services, it is important build your audience. It does take time and effort but creating high-quality and creative posts will draw authentic followers. Prioritize forming genuine and meaningful relationships with your consumers. With the right content and honest services your followers will spread word about your brand. The engagement you get through these means will be long lasting and does not require bribes of any sort. Enabling you to generate traffic and conversions for your website. 

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