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Getting a good grade in English means doing a lot of reading, writing and analysis. Many students feel like they need extra help outside of the classroom to improve their confidence and grades. So, this is why they look into hiring an English tutor. 

With an English tutor, you can arrange studying sessions outside of school hours and go over difficult topics. You can ask questions and learn revision techniques. This is all in advance of the final exam. A lot of students like this one-to-one time since English is a difficult subject.

But, not everyone has a huge budget when it comes to tutors. So, what is going to be the most affordable option; choosing an online English tutor or an in-person tutor? Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

An Online English Tutor

First, let’s start by considering an online English tutor. Well, we have done some research and the types of prices you can expect a range from £22 to £60 for lessons. Typically, they are around 60 minutes in duration. The main advantage of online lessons is that neither you nor the tutor has to travel. So, there are going to be savings when it comes to petrol and using public transport.

One of the good things about online tutors is there might be more flexibility when it comes to lessons. This can mean that you feel like you are getting more for your money. For instance, you can choose to have lessons when it suits you and at different times to in-person tutors. This could be later in the evenings or early in the morning. To find your best tutor, you can visit Teach Tutti. Here, you can see a variety of English tutors of varying prices. You can find an experienced and qualified professional to teach your child what they need to know for their exams.

An In-Person English Tutor

Now, let’s take a look at hiring an in-person English tutor. Often, this is an option people want to explore because this is what the parents are used to. In other words, a student meets up with a tutor at their school or the tutor can come to their home. Either way, the lessons are all held one-to-one and in person.

Well, we can confirm that it is around the same price for an in-person English tutor. This can be from £22 up to £60 for 60 minutes of learning. But, something that you have to realise with this option is that there might be travel costs included. For example, the tutor might ask for expenses if they have to travel to meet the student. Alternatively, if you have to take your child to the tutor’s house, this is going to mean you have to pay this expense too. So, this travelling can drive up the price of lessons.

The Verdict

So, what is our verdict on who is cheaper; online English tutors or in-person English tutors? Well, the prices seem to vary in the same way. Namely, when it comes to expertise and experience, this is going to dictate the price the tutor asks for. But, the difference for you could be when it comes to travelling. Of course, with online tutors, you are going to have lessons at home. So, there is no petrol or public transport to worry about if your child is getting a lot of lessons. But, if you choose an in-person tutor for English, this is something that you will have to include in the price.

Is It Better to Learn with an In-Person or Online Tutor?

Something you have to consider is whether your child is going to learn better online or with a tutor in person. Everyone is going to be different. Sometimes, there can be more discipline in person and it can be like a school learning environment. Alternatively, if your child is shy and does not like lessons that are one-to-one, they might not like the idea of studying with a tutor at their home.

For some students, learning online can be ideal. They are used to using technology and this is particularly true after the last few years and how education has had to adapt. In addition, some students might prefer to learn in their own home and at times that suit their schedule. Spend time with your child and ask them what way they would like to learn.

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