Is it illegal to convert videos by using YouTube to MP4 converter?

“YouTube” – Who doesn’t know about it! It is a universally-known site that hosts millions upon millions of videos. Youtube stands among the biggest streaming sites around the world. This YouTube platform is accessible almost from every region of the world or place. 

People watch their favorite videos at any time or anywhere they want to. But sometimes they also want to have them on their device even when there is no internet connection. Although YouTube doesn’t offer the download options on its platform it is still possible. Many sites on the internet offer the conversion of YouTube videos to MP4 format and then downloading them into the PC, Mobile phone, or Tablet. 

If we see the Term & Policies of YouTube, Our brain emphasizes to think that it is really legal to use such means for video downloading from YouTube, or is it illegal? 

Here, we are determined to answer your all concerns about this and elucidating everything for you regarding this. Now, let’s solve this mystery together!

Is YouTube to MP4 conversion illegal? 

It’s a very complicated question as most people don’t have an answer to it due to a lack of knowledge. YouTube is covered by US Copyright law and grants punishment to those who break it. According to the Copyright law of the US, it is illegal to convert YouTube videos if you don’t have permission from the owner to copy it. Converting the video and direct downloading is considered the same. That’s why both acts are illegal.              

What are YouTube’s Terms of Services?

 From YouTube’s Terms of Services, Article 4C states that “if anybody accesses the content through any other means of technology or tools than the video playback pages of the service itself, the Embeddable player or other clearly authorized means YouTube may assign.” 

This thing is further focused on Article 5B. Article 5B under the copyright law claims that anybody shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell or license any video. One should also not otherwise make unfair use of any content for any other purpose without the already written consent of YouTube of the respective content licensor.”    

Under the Terms, what’s the status of YouTube to MP4 conversion?

According to the all mentioned terms, any attempt to directly copy the video may be punished. But one person will say that, for MP4 conversion, we don’t use the video directly but the links – YouTube restricts the exploitation of service but not the links. 

In this context, YouTube to MP4 conversion isn’t illegal. But if you see the Article 4C that reprimands even the use of any third-party technology to access the video, then this attempt is illegal. 

How to Convert Youtube To Mp3 ?

Many sites around offer free YouTube to mp4 and mp3 conversion. But all these sites are doing illegal work. 

There was a site known as YoutubeMp3.Us that let the public convert video from youtube to mp3 without any cost. It’s very fast and the best converter as per our research. 

What’s the conclusion?

So, what do you think? Is it legal or illegal? It depends upon the company owner or the court that how they handle and get the violation. However, it’s highly illegal to download copyrighted YouTube videos and then using them for selling, distributing, and reproducing. But it doesn’t cast any violence upon you when you use such tools for personal use. However, piracy is piracy and piracy is unethical.   

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