Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

In an increasingly digital and connected world, there are several ways to generate new partnerships that fit the needs of your enterprise. Starting a business on your own is an excellent opportunity to acquire more knowledge and experience, but have you ever analyzed what it would be like to have a partner? Business partners can help you have immediate access to a wide range of skills, as well as increase your chances of success.

In this article, we will show you how to find business partners and partners online. – And, yes, this task is perfectly possible to be accomplished. – For this, we have prepared some tips that will help you to know where to look for new pairs. In principle, this technique is the same as that used by many people on the best free dating sites.


LinkedIn, one of the most accessed social networks in the world, focuses on professional relationships and networking. It is a very suitable platform for any topic related to business opportunities. You can use it to prospect customers, suppliers or even to start a relationship with potential partners. On LinkedIn, you can also see the trajectory of users, in addition to their knowledge, certificates and professional profile, in addition to many other information. LinkedIn currently allows its members to edit what will be viewed, but it is not the type of platform whose users hide information. It is important to create criteria in your search in order to avoid touring and wasting time. Understand and analyze who would be your ideal partner and follow some pre-established method.

Set a clear goal

The first step is to know clearly what kind of relationship you are looking for, what exactly you are expecting and with which person profile you want to interact. It is not very different from selecting an employee for your company, but even more careful, after all, your partner will not only be your right hand, but in many moments he will also speak for you both. Specify and highlight the most relevant characteristics for this partnership, this will help you to stay focused and reduce the search time.

Search and contact us

With criteria and a defined profile, the time has come to find your new partner. You can search for people who have worked in certain companies or with certain training. Then, it is important to send a message. If none of you are a premium LinkedIn user, you probably won’t be able to send an InMail (private message on LinkdIn) to your candidate without adding them. Prepare a model text with all the relevant information and avoid improvisation on a first contact, as you may forget some important detail.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are great for anyone looking for partners, as they bring together several people with similar interests. Some of these pages may be more comprehensive and contain many users and more general topics – such as entrepreneurship or marketing – but there are also groups focused on more specific needs, where people come together and share knowledge. As we have already mentioned, the strongest point of Facebook groups is the number of people concentrated to discuss a specific topic. This makes suggestions more targeted and reduces the possibility of you spending unnecessary time elsewhere. So, to find the relationship that interests you, the ideal is to look for similar groups, introduce yourself to other users, explaining what your intentions are. Who knows, maybe a good recommendation comes up?


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