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Modern-day parenting comes with a lot of tricky situations. And, to state this in a better way, there is no right or wrong parenting, only the situation determines what is right and what is wrong.


A plethora of activities and circumstances influence kids. Earlier, there were more straightforward issues like peer pressure, junk food, proper etiquette, etc. to tackle but the 21st century has brought the biggest game changer ever- Technology! The better digital devices get, the more difficult parenting becomes.


After ourthe Review of Bit Guardian Parental Control app, you will be more than convinced that modern-day parenting requires a dose of digital parenting. Digital parenting is an integral part of modern parenting, and it comes with the benefit of protecting kids from all sorts of dangers.


How are parenting and technology related?


Smart devices are the new craze in your child’s life. Whether you like it or not, kids are hooked to digital leisure.


Smartphones are the center of your kid’s life. You cannot expect your kid to get rid of phones and gadgets as they are here to stay. Schools and colleges encourage the use of technology in their course curriculum. In this era of education, learning about laptops, smartphones, tablets and the world of the internet is essential and the most basic requirement.


By now we are convinced that technology plays a significant interruption in modern parenting. Or to rephrase my statement- “Managing optimum use technology in your kid’s life is part of modern parenting.” So, how can you ensure technology assists kids future instead of causing addiction?


Tips for handling the biggest parenting challenges


  1. Do your kids talk about their problems?


Parents often complain about kids hiding facts. Generally, this is a common trend with teenagers. They tend to keep a lot of their life’s problems and progress from their parents, often calling it their “personal space.” However, the real problem ensues when they start hiding facts like sexual molestation at school or getting cyberbullied.


Solution: As parents, it is crucial to build a friendly atmosphere around your kid. Children should find you a go-to person. Once this bond establishes, kids will confide anything and everything in you. Although, as parents, you will have to be careful about how you react to certain events and situations.


  1. Are your kids lying?


Many a time parents get clues and information at home which indicate that Kids might be lying. One of the burning example parents face is their teenage daughter’s having a casual relationship with a school senior. Many times such a relationship ends at a terrible note, leading the girl to take a wrong step in her life.


Solution: Transparency is the key to any relationship. If your kids are hiding some information, then it is advisable to talk to them calmly. Provide them enough evidence (without making them feel you are intruding in their private space) on what led to the doubts. If you create a comfortable bond, your kids are bound to open up about their facts.


  1. Are your kids getting aggressive?


Young kids can quickly grow into a short-tempered human being. It happens with age and surrounding events. And today, several mobile games are known to be the biggest culprit. Aggression can not only be harmful to others but also for your temperamental kid.


Solution: Aggression can be handled in different ways depending on the intensity of the aggression. If your kid is showing verbal anger and is not showing signs of verbal or physical abuse, then you may try to manage their anger at home by simple techniques like breathing, counseling, listening, and sometimes avoiding their high-pitched statements. If things seem out of control, you may need to see a professional for subsiding the anger.


  1. Do your kids have constant tantrums?


Showing tantrums is every other kid’s inherent quality as if they are the king and this world is their slave. Unfortunately, such tantrums are of no good.


Solution: Learning to adapt is the key, showing unnecessary tantrums can cause kids their future. Remember, your kids need to learn to hear “NO.” If all their demands are met, it may be hard for them to encounter real-world rejections.


  1. Are your kids neglecting studies?


One of the key indicators of your child’s indiscipline and wrong attitude is – academics. If your child flunks in academics, there is a high chance your kid is distracted.


Solution: Parents need to learn the art of diagnosing a problem with kids. Reach out to teachers and school friends for first-hand information.


  1. Is there peer pressure at school?


Peer pressure can be the most disturbing and alarming issue for any parent. Most kids change their line of action due to peer pressure. Distractions like mobile games, social media networking, video chatting, etc. can sidetrack your child from the real agenda.


Solution: Make it a point to speak about peer pressure at school. If the pressure is causing your kid to feel low or anxious, then such influences are not healthy. Although some influences like reading comics can be healthy for your kids’ growth.



  1. Are your kids addicted to gadgets?


Smartphones are your child’s center of life. Call it peer pressure or technology education, but kids cannot outgrow the digital era. Accepting that technology is here to stay, it is essential to help your kids make the right decision online.


Solution: Without a second thought, parental control apps can balance your kids’ digital addiction. If you are interested in cutting down their screen time, install the Bit Guardian parental control app and set timelines on their mobile phone usage.


Modern parenting with a Twist


Modern parenting is nothing like the traditional way of parenting kids. Bend the strategies and methods of parenting according to the growing difference in the new generation. Implementation of too many restrictions can backfire, and too much leeway can spoil them. So, the key is to maintain an equilibrium.


Maintaining equilibrium starts when you begin understanding your child like a friend. Hear them out and be the crying shoulder at times. But strike when the iron is hot, make sure you talk to your kids as a parent and explain to them the consequences of a particular decision.


As an aid to modern parenting, Parental control apps can come in handy. Parents should use the Bit Guardian parental control app in the market to discipline kids through digital techniques.





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