Is Social Media to Blame for Widespread Coronavirus Conspiracy?

Coronavirus conspiracy theories are becoming a hot topic among many Americans on social media platforms.

Many people are worried about the dangers of a potentially deadly virus sweeping the nation.

The recent cases in the United States that have been attributed to this new strain of flu are increasing and many of the fears seem justified.

However, before jumping to a conclusion, everyone needs to educate themselves about this new strain of flu.

That’s why I’m here to present you with the facts surrounding the coronavirus conspiracy.

In this post, we’re about to do something revolutionary when compared to all the fake news being spun globally. So if you’re ready to find out the truth, then keep reading. I can assure you that the facts and actual data will back these claims.

Isn’t about time that someone on the news gives it to you straight, instead of following a narrative?


The Shot Heard Around the World

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. Truth, it’s the New Hate Speech. During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

Mysterium Network is a company that believes in censorship-free internet for all.

Mysterium is building a decentralized P2P VPN and other tools that allow you to browse the internet freely, earn by sharing your connection, and build censorship-resistant applications.

With amazing achievements coming and in the works, it should come as no surprise that they want to help spread the truth instead of the misinformation that we hear on our TV. sets and online through the widespread control of a unified COVID narrative.

According to Mysterium Network’s research, they present evidence as it pertains to the constantly changing news narratives during a pandemic.

The following is an excerpt on the extensive research they’ve put together for the public to finally get the facts:

“Our investigation explores the evidence suggesting that China’s public communications
response during the early weeks of 2020 underrepresented the magnitude of the issue,
ultimately accelerating the spread of infections as civilians remained unaware. Further, we
examine the role of global media and the World Health Organisation (WHO) on managing
misinformation and the impact of their failure to do so effectively.”

Accurate Vs. Official COVID-19 Cases

It’s important to realize that there’s a major difference between the accurate COVID data and the official data.

Accurate cases prove without a doubt that COVID was the cause of death.

Official cases will contain deaths that are the result of a pre-existing condition where COVID wasn’t the main cause of death.

The freedom advocates at Mysterium Network want to offer people the right to concrete evidence that shows the world what’s really going on.


Take a look at this excerpt from their findings:

“Despite Wuhan health officials releasing their first public notice about the virus on December 31st 2019, it was three weeks later on January 20th that the NHC finally communicated about the disease. This was just one day before President Xi formally addressed the virus himself and ordered epidemic control measures.

During these few weeks, there are only 9 relevant articles in People’s Daily online. Of these
reports, which are mostly syndicated from other sources, one has the title; “WHO says no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of novel coronavirus” (January 15th), while three focus on regions other than China (Hong Kong and Japan).”

Coronavirus Conspiracy Saga

Other conspiracy theories focus on the mysterious radiation belt found around the poles.

Many scientists believe that this magnetic energy is causing low energy X-rays at the Earth’s poles.

Radio and TV stations across America have begun warning citizens to stay away from the middle of the North Pole because the radiation is dangerous.

When asked if they agree with this claim on a poll conducted by a leading national daily newspaper, only 20% of the participants said that they thought it was dangerous while another third were not aware of the specific information.

The Media is the Virus

Another thing to take into consideration is the recent spike of technology platforms. People can now communicate easily and connect wirelessly.
It is believed that this is why most cases of the illness have been concentrated in and around major metropolitan areas in the United States.
When you consider that technology platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with over 500 million users in the United States, it is easy to see how many Americans could have been infected by the coronavirus outbreak.
Many people are asking whether the latest outbreak of the flu is related to the recent Facebook epidemic.
Many people are theorizing that because the two are so closely linked. Some think that the spread of the virus among people was somehow caused by Americans using social media.
They believe that since most people get their news on the internet from these sites, they unwittingly passed on the bacteria to each other via the flu.
The fact that so many cases have emerged in and around large urban centers also adds fuel to this conspiracy theory.
Since there has not been any concrete evidence linking the two, this is definitely one conspiracy theory that is worth watching.

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