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Is Your Guy Using Webcams Considered Cheating?

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When it comes to relationship fidelity and monogamy, things are not all black and white. There are areas that are tricky, especially for women. So, is your guy using webcams considered cheating?

While guys may assert that watching porn and paying a cam girl when their girlfriend isn’t around, is the same, women beg to differ. In this digital era, there is a constant difference of opinion when it comes to deciding what constitutes cheating and what doesn’t. 

Lines can get easily blurred on the subject of monogamy

The lines of propriety are blurred, when one partner’s ego is bruised as their male partner finds it within the realms of normalcy to interact with the camgirls for mutual masturbation or sexting via webcam on live cam sites

The women find it a breach of trust, a blow to their self-esteem and infliction of emotional pain when their guy decides to get on the live cam sites for two-way chatting, dual camming and sending or receiving pictures. 

Games people play

Men, on the other hand, shrug it off as just a game they play when bored and reiterate that they won’t cross the line, where they actually hook up with the person on the other side of the screen. But for women, playing these virtual online sex games on webcam and stealthily paying a visit to a strip club is no different. It is indictive of the women being incapacitated to fulfil the sexual needs of the men, and hence the need crops for an external source of gratification. 

Ask if the trade-off is worth it

It can get especially difficult to answer the question, “Is your guy using webcams cheating?”, in a situation where men assert that they haven’t had straight-up in-the-flesh-encounters with the

Cam girls. What is evident, however, is that if it is causing emotional distancing and loss of trust, leaving behind an aggrieved partner, then the other partner needs to re-evaluate what matters more to them, and the implications of the trade-off. 

Nevertheless, it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Every couple has their own definition of what constitutes fidelity, and what are the ultimate deal-breakers in their romantic liaison. For some, it may be perfectly acceptable if their partner indulges in an occasional porn-viewing spree. 

However, what’s understandable is that if your partner is not cool with you gawking at strangers in their birthday suit, by no chance would they come around to accepting your camming escapades. 

What is crucial is to sit down with your partner, share views on sensitive topics like pornography, participation in private shows on live cam sites, and also evaluate your level of commitment, besides wrapping your head around clear-cut boundaries that are acceptable to both. 

The behaviour has to fit into the realms of acceptance of both the partners. 

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander 

No relationship can thrive in the throes of longevity and happiness if there are secrets on the periphery of what looks like a perfect relationship. 

Any kind of romantic or sexual act, that you decide to indulge in, but are rattled with the thought of your partner doing the same is also a glaring sign of avoiding that terrain. Whether it is meeting a girl, without telling your partner, or camming on live cam sites, tread with caution and measure the mutual level of comfort and intimacy in your relationship. This is the ultimate gauge for you to take a leap of faith or not!


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