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Singapore has seen some significant changes in recent time in the job market. Starting 2019, there has been great demand for technical jobs in Singapore. Employers are looking for professionals who are experts in analytical and data-driven jobs. Besides these, some prominent sectors for jobs in Singapore are – human resources (HR), sales and marketing, and financial services. Even accounting, engineering and customer service, and healthcare sectors has seen job growth in 2019.

Technical and Digital:

A technical person equipped with digital skills is highly sought after in 2019-20. As per a job report by a popular research firm, the highly demanded jobs in Singapore in 2019 are in the field of IT, more analytical and data-oriented in nature. There is a huge demand for jobs for data scientists, UX designers, product managers, and other technical and digital roles. Professionals with special skills in the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security, Big Data, applications, artificial intelligence are in high demand. Cyber security is given a great focus this year due to some noteworthy cyber attacks. The report mentions that there is an increasing demand for IT professionals for jobs in Singapore because of the advancement of technology in the country.

Human Resource:

You can expect a good career growth in Human Resources (HR) jobs in Singapore. Professionals with strong background in HR technologies and those who have experience in acquiring talent for the technology sector are highly sought after this year.

Human resource

Finance and Accounting:

In the Finance sector, employers are looking for candidates with experience in financial services. There has been a good demand for skilled contracting professionals this year. Other job roles in which jobs are available in Singapore in the finance sector are trade finance professionals, corporate banking professionals, IT professionals in finance, investment and research analysts. Such job roles will remain positive in 2020 as well.

The accounting sector could generate 2,000 more jobs in Singapore in 2020. With administrative and finance functions that were been used earlier becoming more and more automated, employers are looking for accountants that can adapt to higher value work and take on more strategic roles. The highly demanded jobs in Singapore for 2019 are accounts assistants, senior accountant, financial analyst, finance manager, and finance planning and analysis.

Some skill-sets that are in urgent need are tax compliance and change management experience, strong technical understanding, knowledge of stakeholder engagement, regulatory rules, and management skills.

Sales and Marketing:


Sales and marketing is another sector that has shown a positive growth in terms of opening up jobs in Singapore in 2019. Most companies are looking for efficient and experienced sales and marketing professionals. Employers are looking for candidates with skill sets of doing multiple functions, besides sales with powerful prospecting qualities. With advancements in digitalization, e-commerce, Big Data, digital transformations in sales have seen an increase in demand.

Customer Service:

In the customer service sector too, employers are in need for customer service representatives to represent the face of their company in a friendly and pleasant attitude. The in-demand jobs for 2019 within this sector include positions such as customer care consultant, helpdesk/ concierge officer, customer service assistant/officer, customer service executive etc.


Some facts to look out for in 2019-20 if you are searching for jobs in Singapore:

  • Job seekers need to possess a combination of both hard and soft skills
  • More emphasis is given on communication skills, analytical and management skills for jobs in Singapore
  • Candidates with digital expertise and experience in latest technical developments like as AI, Big Data are highly sought after.
  • In fact, AI is becoming an important tool in a talent acquisition manager’s toolkit.
  • Singapore is talking the lead in social media penetration in South East Asia. Hence, employers are trying to attract candidates through social media and at the same time, candidates are using their social media profiles for professional branding.

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