Wed. May 29th, 2024

Beauty is inside out, and that is 100% percent true for this male hunk, he is one of the top male model’s from India. Karan Oberoi model who has not only carved a niche for himself in the fashion and fitness modeling world, but has also won many prestigious awards along the way. Being a heartthrob model, Many boys and girls follow him on social media handles and are fan of his style and muscles. So as me, always wanted to meet him, being his biggest fan.  You won’t believe, in today’s glitzy glamour world, people like him exist. The looks can be deceptive, after meeting to him I can certainly say this. Before meeting him I had an image, this guy must be a womanizer and must be living a nondisciplined lifestyle, the way majority of models and actors do.

My perception about him completely changed after I was finally able to convince him that I am a blogger and I want to write about him, he agreed to meet me in a cafe in Bandra. Being Mumbai, you know how hot and humid it can get, I instantly called for a beer and this one, ordered an orange juice!! Can you imagine a hot, rugged looking man ordering an orange juice at 9 o clock in the night, I was taken aback right there and then. After chit chatting for a while I got to know he really doesn’t drink or smoke!! And that’s the secret for his hotness!!

Leading Model Karan Oberoi( k0) has been the face of Royal Enfield riding Apparels, a jeans brand and many other national and international Brands. I saw his pictures for the first time in a Royal Enfield’s Showroom when I went to get my boyfriend his ride 2 years back, then I saw him on the cover page of one of the nutrition magazine, instantly googled him and have been following him since. I am just awe struck with his simplicity, humbleness, disciplined lifestyle and focus mindset. So to conclude this I shall like to say, one should never judge any human because of his profession or personality perhaps they all have something special to deliver to this world  the way Karan is, they can be simple at heart and living too.

I wish him all the success in life and hope he remains the same forever which is really rare to find.


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