Keep with the Pace of Digital Transformation with Machine Learning Training and Certification

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fastest growing technology sector in the marketplace. This new merging technology is driving phenomenal innovations in the Cloud and Software generation of products and solutions leveraged by all modern businesses. Missing out on Machine Learning training in Bangalore can permanently dent chances to grow in career.  

Why is Machine Learning training and certification so important?

Businesses are working with massive volumes of data that drive their decision-making engine. With the growing data demands, these business groups are experiencing a major skill gap in handling this volume of data. This is where machine learning and its other branch of technology, machine learning, come into the picture.

In 90% of the businesses, CIOs believe that all their data-based decision making processes can be completely outsourced to machine learning skills and platforms. However, these businesses experience an ominous skill gap in Machine learning management and deployment. 69% of these businesses have stated that finding AI talent and skills matching their job descriptions are difficult – ranging between moderate to extreme failure to deliver results within six to nine months

Here are three regular job scenarios that are completely transformed by professionals with machine learning and AI certification.

Legal tech

More than 80% of the customers availing legal services agree to the costly and time-consuming processes in this sector.

The digital transformation within legal services is related to all modem means of customer experience and legal guidelines.

Legal tech, the powerful dimension of legal and compliance sector, refers to the application of software and related technologies for legal services. In the modern era of legal tech, AI certification programs are empowering experts in the legal business to create their own AI-powered automation stack to manage their documents, recommendations, and payments.

With massive innovations focused at legal tech, AI skills to manage current legal markets would be expected to close the gap between expectations and deliverables.

Cloud Contact Centers

Machine Learning (ML) and AI technology is already disrupting the state of Unified communications (UC) and Contact centers, keeping a strong focus at the modern definitions of Integrated Experiences and intelligent assistance from bots and robo-advisors.

ML certified professionals can take a dive into the world of tele-calling, messaging, integrated voice Omni channel marketing and branding, and workforce engagement. With AI-enabled call recording, analytics and predictive intelligence, Cloud Contact centers help businesses to keep up with the pace of digital transformation with better workforce engagement capabilities.

Social Media

Social media jobs have grown by a whopping 700% between 2008 and 2018.

Compared to 2005, there are 100 new job titles managing marketing and social media strategies for businesses, groups and individuals. With AI-driven social media plans and strategies, the sector is slated to grow further, making huge investments into talent with experience in marketing research, social media intelligence and SaaS capabilities.

Bangalore’s ML training and AI certification courses are also the building blocks of other new-age capabilities including voice and search, text processing and hundreds of other autonomous decision enabling solutions.