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security officer skills

If you’re looking to become a security officer, don’t trick yourself into believing your job is simply walking around a property in a uniform. Your duties may vary depending on the facility you work at, but generally speaking, being a security officer means having a highly responsible job. Since your job is to keep people and assets safe and sound, you need to have specific skills that will make you suitable for the position. Without further adieu, let’s see what essential skills a good security officer has:

  • High level of fitness and physical strength

Physical strength is an asset you can work on and improve if needed before becoming a security officer. Even though you might not often face a physical confrontation with problematic individuals, you still have to be fit to deal with criminals and potential threats. Additionally, a healthy body leads to mental clearness, which is another crucial skill you’re required to have as a security officer. Lastly, it would be best if you didn’t neglect your physical appearance. Wearing a neat, clean uniform with a tucked-in shirt will make you look reputable. Your appearance also has a purpose since it can deter potential criminals – seeing you in a uniform will not make them confident enough to convict a crime or a theft.

  • Alertness

Keep in mind that your job requires you to be omnipresent. You should have good monitoring and observational ability to notice any suspicious situations. Having little to no distractions will help you stay alert and focused on keeping everyone safe. Scrolling through your phone may lead to overlooking severe problems and prevent you from saving someone (or something). Quick reflexes are also required; once you notice a suspect committing a crime or a theft, you should be able to analyze the situation and solve it quickly.

  • Good communication skills

Good communication skills include written and speaking skills. Having good written skills allows you to document incidents and reports after your shift is done correctly. Speaking skills are needed in communicating with your employers and clients who come to the company you work for. For instance, you should have a friendly attitude since people are likely to approach you if they need additional information. You may even need to communicate an emergency to people or communicate suspects or suspicious activities to higher authorities.

  • Honesty and loyalty

People who hire security guard patrol services should know they can trust you since you’ll probably have access to their facilities after working hours. They should feel safe while having you around and might even tell you to monitor their other employees as well. That’s why they’ll run a thorough background check before hiring you. Additionally, while you’re working for them, you’re also representing their name and brand. If they give you additional tasks and guidelines, you should be able to follow them.

  • Ability to work in a team

Typically, security guards work alone. However, you may find yourself working in a team. If this is the case, you need to have both good leadership skills and the ability to follow instructions. It would help if you could tell when it’s the time to take control and when is the time to follow someone else’s instructions.

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