Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

ArtistDisplay Name: Killa Tee
Track Display Title: “Money On My Mind”
ISRC Code: QZNMZ2140848
Writer/Lyrics: Marigold Chirisa
Publisher(s): N/A
Genre: Hip Hop & Rap
Producer: Smoke Shop Productionz
Mixer: Smoke Shop Productionz
Recorded by/Engineer: Smoke Shop Productionz
Mastering Credit: Smoke Shop Productionz
Track Time: 2:39
PA:  Yes(x) / No(Parental Advisory)
Country of Origin (Recording): Newfoundland, Canada

(Verse 1)

Damn this shit

Feel like a movie

Only the real

Ye I’m choosy

These bitches be moving

Too spooky

I Rather be alone

Trust me I’m Gucci

I’m tryna

Run up a cheque

You know

Immaa stay on they neck

I want all the Rollie’s pateks

Trust me , the reason

These bitches all pressed

Dripped out,



I’m Only dancing With diamonds

Private jets

To the islands

Bitches can’t stand me

Hate how I’m styling Outside

We Sliding

Tell em pop out

Stop hiding

Make the dracos

Start chiming

(Grrt) Pull up and we get it & we ditching all the sirens

Turnt up &

We ballin

The money

Won’t stop callin

Stack it till

It start dropping

Sprees all day

We ain’t never stop shopping


We minding

Up all night

We grinding

These Vvs

be blinding *p*

No bum bitches

Only winners invited


Money on my mind yeah im ready set let’s glow

Grinding all night we gon work until we blow

Cashing all these cheques got me running through these stores

Here’s to all the haters,

I can use a lil more

(Verse 2) 1:20

2 door

We flying

Taking off

Seats reclining

Private calls

We declining

Real boss bitch

Imma work on my timing




Treat his Queen so well

Name always

Ringing bells


Too much pressure

You know a bitch gon tell


It’s silence l

Don’t make me wake

& choose violence (Grrt)

These bitches hating

They bias

My drip cold

Don’t need no stylist

Too lit too fit

Whip all white like cool whip

We ain’t cap

For the gram really do this


Realest bitch alive

Don’t be acting all clueless


By kabir

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