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The ten companies we study produce more than 8 million firearms annually for buyers in the United States, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total market. Many of these leaders wear the jackets bestowed on the Golden Ring of Freedom members, an exclusive club with more than $1 million in National Rifle Association donors. Several are at the center of criminal investigations and trials for arms trafficking, fraud, armed robbery, and extortion. 

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The OIG report found that between 2004 and 2011, 17,4679 firearms were missing from its inventory. Missing firearms pose a severe risk to public safety as they can fall into criminal hands and cannot be traced back to the original purchaser. The FFL monitors to ensure firearms are not stolen or traded. 

Sig Sauer is based in North Haven, Connecticut, about 25 miles south of Newtown. Last December, Ted Cruz attended a shooting demonstration at a shooting range in Iowa with SIG representatives. There is a feeling that if we do not move, we will all die.  

Another thing that arms brokers have in common with eBay is that they hold sales that do not sell items themselves and often do not verify the items between seller and buyer. This means that there is always a risk of fraud. 

 If you want to unload a weapon, the most basic option is the trustworthy seller option, where people sell five or more weapons a month. John Wick would love that option. You can filter your search results to show only dealer sales or both if you prefer. Many sellers are:

Arms dealers

Other licensed dealers

  • Individuals who wish to remove one or two items from their collection.
  • Any seller that is permitted.

Arms dealers, dealer sales, and private sales all run the risk of being duped by non-dealer sellers.

 To prevent theft and trafficking, dealers must carry out a firearms inventory and report lost or stolen weapons every two years. Persons who are prohibited from possessing firearms may not be on the premises of arms dealers. To ensure that these requirements are met, the San Francisco Police Department has the right to inspect the dealers’ premises at any time during business hours. All information relating to the sale of ammunition must be collected and stored by the dealer. 

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Florida Gun Traders  

The incident highlights the risks of private gun sales, where buyers meet strangers and sell their firearms, weapons, and accessories. The transfer of firearms is legal as long as buyers and sellers comply with Florida law. Former JSO detective Kim Varner said she was suspicious of these transactions because of the many unknowns. 

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 US arms dealers have set up a new website to arrange deals after Facebook banned private gun sales on its platform. Gun rights, security and registration have been hot topics in the US presidential campaign after several mass shootings last year. Facebook said last Friday it would no longer allow users to arrange private gun sales on the social media platform. The reaction to Facebook’s “Gun Traders” group like outdoor trader, which has hundreds in the United States, was swift. The group began advertising arms deals on other websites. 

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Furthermore, in some counties, there is a mandatory waiting period of five days. Broward County and Palm Beach County are two of them. There is an exception for people with a concealed weapons license in the state of Florida. In this case, they are not subject to any waiting period at all.  

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