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Kodi is one of the most popular media platforms you can find installed on online media streaming devices. It’s free and accessible on different operating systems, made for those who love to stream movies and other forms of content.

What’s great about this platform is that it comes with so many different features to make it easier and more entertaining to use. One feature is how you can install and use many add-ons to truly leverage what Kodi offers after you install Kodi 19

Read on for the list of best add-ons for those who love entertainment and music!


  • Asgard


Formerly known as Odin, Asgard is an all-in-one add-on that allows you to stream a ton of different media content, from anime and sports, down to documentaries and popular movies.

This add-on uses premium services such as AllDebrid and Real Debrid. Furthermore, this add-on is extremely popular mostly because of sports. Under its sports category is a large selection of sporting events to live stream or replay.

If you want something for all-around entertainment the entire household will enjoy, then this add-on is the way to go.


  • Exodus Redux


Exodus Redux is a fairly new add-on, having been introduced in the latter part of 2018. Today, it is an on-demand add-on and one of the best, despite it still being considered new to the market.

Exodus Redux may be seen as the copy of Exodus, another very popular and active Kodi add-on. However, Exodus has begun wearing down throughout the years, with Exodus Redux providing newer features that cater to today’s audience. 

While they have the same layout, Exodus Redux has various open scrapers and quick performance with nearly NO buffering most of the time.


  • The Magic Dragon


The Magic Dragon is another amazing add-on that has a huge library filled with movies and TV shows for your never-ending entertainment. This add-on is now one of the most favored by users, whether casual Kodi users or expert bingers. 

It’s a crowd favorite because it’s easy to use and has fast performance, providing you all the content you’d like to watch in a click. You’ll be able to find your favorite movies and shows there. 

This add-on is powered by efficient scrapers, looking for the highest-quality streams available. Think of it as The Dog Bollocks add-on, but coming with improved features, functions, and a navigable interface. 

Whether you’re interested in watching movies, documentaries, TV shows, kids’ content, sports games, or even listen to music, this add-on covers everything. 


  • Elementum


This is a video add-on utilizing BitTorrent technology for streaming many television shows and movies. How is this unique compared to other entertainment add-ons?

Compared to others, Elementum doesn’t stream video content directly from other websites. Rather, this add-on relies on ‘providers’, which are lightweight add-ons allowing you to find and use BitTorrent links of movies, shows, and videos you’d like to consume.

Thanks to this add-on, users can stream any video directly. They can even download the videos to watch offline!

Besides this important feature, Elementum has library integration and allows you to sync with other services like Trakt. Under Elementum are different sections, which include:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Search
  • History
  • Torrents
  • And many more!

When using Elementum and other add-ons using torrenting technology, it’s best to have a VPN to prevent any legal issues.


  • Rave MP3 Player


This is a pretty cool add-on if you want to stream songs from the internet for FREE. This is especially best for those who love old-school music, as Rave MP3 Player is famous for streaming retro songs, with a ton of 80s playlists. 

You can find the playlists categorized in different sections, including:

  • Oldskool radio sets
  • Oldskool rave taps
  • Bangin rave tunes

Under these playlists are subsections, containing DJ music to jam as you work or play! 

If retro music isn’t for you, try Jango, which has a wide selection of genres while offering online radio streaming. You can surf your fave songs as it’s got a variety of them, from popular to indie.


  • Soundcloud


You are probably familiar with Soundcloud, being one of the popular platforms known to stream indie music. In fact, it’s one of the best online music distribution platforms! Not only can you listen to music, you will also be able to record, upload, and promote your own music tracks. 

There is also a Kodi add-on of it, which offers many different genre options of songs. You’ll be able to listen and upload tracks, as well as record your search behavior to receive awesome recommendations based on your search and taste in music.


  • The Crew


The Crew is extremely diverse, offering different streaming options. It is a multi-scrapper add-on streaming movies and shows such as kids’ content, sports games, live television, and many more!

This awesome add-on has hundreds to thousands of hours’ worth of awesome marathon content. The Crew has also incorporated its sports add-on, so you won’t need to install it separately. 

Another great benefit of The Crew is that it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space and is updated regularly to reduce security issues and bugs. It is also an easy app to own, as it would work error-free across any Kodi-supported device. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and also supports third-party services for an even better streaming experience. 

Wrapping It Up

Kodi is an extremely popular and functional streaming platform that’s come a long way since its creation. It’s got a ton of features, builds, wizards, and new add-ons coming out constantly, allowing you to watch a ton of films and shows, as well as music and other forms of media. 

I hope that this article on the best add-ons gave you an idea of what you should install when you install Kodi. Don’t wait any longer and install some of these add-ons to begin streaming the way you want to!

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on how to use Kodi and add-on recommendations, comment below. All of your thoughts are much appreciated!

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