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If asked to name the most important part of a sales process, you would probably answer: closing a deal. Even the most experienced salespeople will admit to this. Not only is it great for the sales rep, but also the whole team. You’ll be closer to your sales goals if you close a deal. The early stages of the sales process are often overlooked by many. A key part of those early stages is Lead Qualification.

What Is Lead Qualification?

Sales reps perform tasks to determine if a prospect would be a good customer for their company. A prospect can be qualified as a ‘good match for your business by several factors. The most important of these is their ability to fit your target customer profile.

To qualify for a lead, sales reps could perform the following:

  • Research. While sales reps can conduct their research and determine if a lead qualifies, most often a conversation is required.
  • Cold calling. You can cold call prospects to hopefully reach a decision-maker and ask qualifying questions.
  • Emailing. A salesperson can use email to communicate early with prospects and ask them questions.

Once you’ve deemed someone a sales-qualified prospect, you can help them move forward in the sales cycle. This is why it is so important to qualify leads as soon as possible.

Why Qualify Leads Early Is Important And How To Do It

You should qualify leads as soon as possible. The reason is simple: wasting time by not qualifying leads quickly. Sales reps are skilled, highly-skilled individuals whose specialty is closing deals, rather than prospecting and qualifying leads. So that sales reps can concentrate on what they do best, it is important to have a dedicated sales or marketing team. Its money and time are scarce. If your sales reps are not skilled in closing deals and pitching, they won’t be able to close as many deals.

This allows you to gauge the prospect’s interest in your product using site analytics. Use sitewide forms to request qualifying questions from prospects before they reach out to you. Live chat allows you to communicate with prospects on your site in real-time, qualifying them for the sales funnel.

 Reasons Why Lead Qualification IS Important IN B2b Sales

Qualifying leads early can save you time and money. But, qualification is not only important for the above reasons. Here are some reasons you should make lead qualification a priority in your sales process.

1. It Allows You Only To Focus On Opportunities That Matter

You might lose opportunities if you spend too much time calling and e-mailing leads you don’t qualify. Your sales team will close the most lucrative deals if they are willing to put in more effort and nurture them. You may lose these high-value opportunities if your sales team is unable or unwilling to pay them enough attention.

2. You Will Close More Deals Than Last

It’s not possible to close every lead in your pipeline if you only focus on closing deals. The long-term benefits of nurturing a lead, and building a relationship with them, will be well worth the effort. If you have too many leads, it will be difficult to nurture them. Although a deal closing will bring short-term benefits, the customer may decide to cancel a few months later.

3. You Can Personalize More Of Your Message

Qualifying leads is essential because it allows you more time to focus on sales activities and moves qualified leads further up the sales funnel. You can now focus on activities such as following up, building relationships, and sending out marketing materials, such as case studies, to determine which leads you are qualified for.

A sales program is incomplete without lead qualification. Lead nurturing can be difficult. There will be hundreds of prospects in your pipeline at any one time. You may not be able to nurture them all the way you want. Let’s say you only focus on nurturing prospects with a high probability of closing. If this is the case, your messages will be more personal and you can speak to your contacts more often.

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