Light gauge steel wholesale structures

3 types of steel structures

Many of the modern steel construction projects take place with the help of extremely strong light steel. It has the ability to give buildings great strength and its flexible nature means it can bend without any damage or cracks. Here are some of the materials used in the construction of a building:

Bolted steel

The bolted steel construction process is designed to be as straightforward and time-saving as possible. In the workshop, steel is produced to the right length and painted to make the material ready for use. Bolted steel is the preferred steel construction method. However, the length of steel is limited to the size of the trailer or truck that is supplying the material. The actual process of erecting the steel frame depends on a crane lifting the pieces into position and then bolting in place.

This makes the work on the site extremely fast. One of the major projects using bolted steel is the process of building pre-engineered buildings. Such structures are entirely served by a single company that can take full responsibility for the design, relatively quickly. , Shipping and erecting the building.

Light gauge

The process of using light gauge steel wholesale in a construction project is practical for small and residential buildings in some parts of Europe and North America. This general construction method is similar in principle to the use of wooden two-by-four for the frame, but the light gauge steel is simply a direct replacement. This type of steel has a thickness in the region of 1 to 3 mm and is pre-bent in shape to match the needs of the project. Some of the ideal sizes for steel bending include Z-section or C-section.


With conventional steel fabrication workshops, steel pieces are related to cutting to the desired length. Once individual pieces of steel have been delivered to the workplace, they are deducted together to form a rigid structure.

 Also, some parts of the structure can be deducted together in the workshop so that the building process is more efficient. Also, there are options to create different types of made pieces like angles, C, and I sections. The final on-site stage is much more time-efficient by working as much as possible in the workshop.

The great advantage of steel frame

Most construction companies are using steel frames when building infrastructure because it has many advantages and disadvantages. Knowing each of these benefits will help you know how strong your building will be. That way, you don’t have to worry about your home or office collapsing.

Steel frame building facility

More often than not, steel construction is done with a special type of steel known as mild steel. Mild steel is a type of material that is very strong and durable. Great for such steel buildings.

 A lightweight steel frame can be bent without cracks, which is another advantage because steel buildings can easily flex when pushed by earthquakes or strong winds.

Third, steel frames are chosen and used by many construction companies because of their flexibility or plasticity. It will not crack like glass. However, it will gradually come out of its original shape.

With this property, steel buildings are allowed to deform or bend out of shape, which will alert its occupants to flee the building. Steel buildings rarely collapse. It works much better in earthquakes than other building materials.

Where to use steel frame

It is important to know where to use steel frames to make the most of its functionality. Steel frames are often used in the following:

In high-rise buildings, because of their immense strength, their low weight, and speed of construction.

W in warehouse buildings and industrial buildings, as it can create a large range of space

With not too much money.

Temporary in a temporary structure, because it is very fast to set up and move.

Residential in residential buildings, because of the light gauge steel wholesale construction technique.

Weight of metal frame structure

Metal buildings weightless because they are firmly attached to its foundations so that it is able to withstand wind energy.

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