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  • Do you know how you should choose the best alcoholic beverages for your next big party?
  • Are you aware of some things, which you should pay attention to when deciding on the alcohol menu?
  • Have you tried experimenting with different kinds of exotic cocktails only to be disappointed by their high prices and low consumption?


If you have been looking for a perfect drink for your next party, might we suggest ‘Beer’! 

Beer is a light and cheerful alcoholic beverage, which has a low AV percentage, is affordable (as compared to others) and is generally very well accepted in all social circles. As you might have heard- every season is a beer-drinking season!

With so many great options on the market, including flavoured beers, light beers, strong beers and so on, choosing the best ones for your next party can be challenging. In this article, we speak to leading beer brewing masters, Melvin Brewing and ask them about these very questions. 

5 Things you should know before serving Beer at your next party

1.How many servings should you consider per person-

One of the frequent things you might hear at any party is that the beer got over soon. This is a common issue at most parties. According to experts, you should calculate the beer according to the following principle- 

  • Two beers per person for the first hour
  • One beer for the second hour
  • One beer for the third hour
  • One (extra precaution) for post-dinner

This means that you should ideally get five beers per person for the party. Some people might be light drinkers, while others might be heavy drinkers. This equation balances out the distribution. 

2. Ensure that you mix the Beers according to AV percentage-

A standard mistake done by most who want to serve at their party is just having a common AV percentage for all beers; AV stands for ‘Alcohol Percentage by Volume’. It ranges from 1%-2% for light beers and goes up to 5% for strong ones. 

You should have a mix and distribute your beer purchase accordingly. By having some beers with a high AV quotient, you will be able to bring down the overall consumption as well. This is a smart trick, which you can try out for your next party. 

3. Do not hesitate to experiment with different flavours-

If you are just serving beer and no other alcoholic beverages, you need to mix it up. This is because people might get bored and disinterested by trying out just one brand and one flavour. Try experimenting with new flavours and different brands. 

People are interested in trying different flavours, especially when it comes to beer, more than any other beverage. Experts recommend having at least three different flavours in different AV percentages for your party. 

4. Always serve the beer chilled-

No one likes their beer warm or at room temperature. If you do not have adequate space in your refrigerator, hire a small chiller or cooler for the party. You can easily get one from your local store, or you can also snap a second-hand unit from eBay. 

It is important that you give people the option of walking up to the fridge and picking up their own beer. This elevates the freedom of the beer-drinking experience. Do not freeze the beer, but allow it to be at an ideal temperature between five to ten degrees. 

5. Concentrate on the food you are serving as well-

While beer goes well with practically just about anything, experts recommend finger foods as the best companion of a beer-drinking party. This means you can have things like cheese balls, small strips of fried chicken, some baby corn on a stick and things like that. 

Unlike food-wine pairings, people do not want to have your steak or a spaghetti dinner with beer. This is because beer is already very filling. This will also allow you to save in a big way over the food expenditure. 

How about a beer tasting party?

Beer tasting events can be a great way to socialize and engage in positive activities with friends and coworkers alike. For people who are fond of being a part of such events, this can be a good source of mutual engagement. However, in times of the pandemic restrictions, a virtual beer tasting party can be a great way to forget about it all. These are increasing in popularity and allow you to come together with friends and colleagues over a video chat to enjoy the tasting experience together.

The Final Word

If you are planning to serve just beer for your next party, you should definitely go for it. It is all fun and is very light on your pocket. Globally, beer is an expression of freedom and can be served even for a lunchtime party. 


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