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Low Cost Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Poland

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This pandemic brought us all, the wisdom of health and fitness. We are more concerned about our health now than ever. And to match this rising global awareness, the internet too is flooded with information related to careful diets, exercises, healthy regimes etc. After all, restoring health and fitness is trending in the world now, isn’t it? 

However, not everyone is fortunate to benefit from such self-control. Every person’s body is different. Moreover, different kinds of lifestyles, work pressure, and personal choices can get you to the point where your health starts getting crushed under the pressure of high BMI. In such a scenario, if you listen to something about a minimum-risk and low-cost weight loss surgery, wouldn’t it be music to ears? 


One of the least risky medical weight loss procedures, Gastric sleeve surgery is a solution to obesity related health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and so on. It’s a recommended medical procedure which can work wonders for people who can’t lose weight through the regular techniques. This simple and moderately invasive surgery reduces the size of your stomach to ultimately make you eat less, thus creating a calorie deficit. You can lose up to 70 percent of your weight with this procedure in less than 6 months!

Now where can you find the most high quality and affordable gastric sleeve surgery treatment? Well, our pick and suggestion would be Poland! The Central European country has much more to offer than its natural beauty, historical attractions, and huge castles. In fact, Poland has been attracting a lot of medical tourism lately because of its affordability, efficiency, and qualified professionals. 

In this post, we’ve brought you all the information about affordable gastric sleeve in Poland. Join us as walk you through it. 

What is Gastric Sleeve? 

Gastric sleeve, also known as bariatric surgery, is a rapid and effective way of treating obesity. It is a medical procedure whereby surgeons reduce the original size of the stomach to almost 1/10th. This is done by removing a part of the circumference of stomach to create a banana-shaped small sleeve. With a smaller stomach size, naturally, the appetite of the patient reduces, and he/she feels fuller and satiated much quicker than usual. 

This process results in losing weight through a simple mechanism of calorie deficit. It ensures health, safety, and sustainable results. It’s a single-sitting irreversible surgery of 2 hours and doesn’t need any additional procedure for further removing a part of the intestine. 

Gastric sleeve has become a leading bariatric surgery around the world. Anyone with 40 or more BMI who is ready for serious lifestyle changes must look into this weight loss procedure. 

Why Poland?

Poland is an attractive tourist destination offering immense natural beauty, rich historical attractions, and unique cuisines. Though the tourism business helps the country grow and develop in an effective manner, the healthcare sector of the country is another aspect which is attracting travelers and tourists in the nation. 

Here are the reasons why Poland ranks among the top choices in medical tourists’ lists:

  • Healthcare Standards – Organized and specialized Polish healthcare services have developed an edge for medical tourism in the world. The country offers specialized medical services while meeting the highest EU standards. 
  • Qualified team of surgeons – Bariatric surgery is one treatment which has attracted immense international tourists in the country. High-standard private clinics in Poland offer professional care through advanced technology. Qualified teams of surgeons, professional English speaking caregivers, and latest surgery methods have made the country an attractive medical tourism spot for patients from around the world. 
  • Minimal 3-day clinical stay – Gastric sleeve treatment is affordable as well as safe in Poland. A team of qualified surgeons and technologically advanced surgical methods minimizes the time of patient’s stay in the clinic along with cutting down the risk. Polish private clinics ensure the full safety of patient’s privacy needs. Overall, a bariatric sleeve treatment in Poland results in a 3-day stay at the clinic. Before patients return home, detailed lifestyle and diet consultations is provided to restore their recovery and fitness. 
  • Affordable – Bariatric surgeries have become common for treating obesity and related health issues. They’re available in almost all the countries of the world, but Poland tops the list in affordable gastric sleeve treatment. The surgery is quite cheap as compared to other countries like UK, USA, Germany, and Canada. The average price of the surgery is 5200 GPB in Poland which is almost half of what other countries charge.


What to expect with gastric sleeve in Poland

Poland has been successfully providing bariatric surgeries to patients from all over the world. The country boasts a success rate of 98%. If you’re planning to get a gastric sleeve done from Poland, here’s what you can expect:

  • Rapid results – Gastric sleeve is a medically acclaimed technique for weight loss. As such, the results in this procedure are quite quick and can be very sustainable with proper care. Patients can expect 40% to 60% fat loss within four to six months of the surgery.
  • Reduced appetite – The procedure reduces the original size of the stomach to 10% of its original size. A smaller stomach means lesser food intake and quicker feeling of satisfaction. This simply means lesser calorie intake leading to a sustainable weigh loss lifestyle. 
  • Safety – Polish clinics and medical services meet EU standards of hygiene and safety. The surgery is done in the utmost security parameters in mind and by a highly qualified team of doctors. 
  • Convenience – Medical treatment in Poland has become highly popular and affordable due to extended services that the clinics have arranged for the patients. If you’re planning for such a treatment, you can look out for a comprehensive medical package, under which the clinic will help arrange your transportation, stay, surgery, medical facilities, and recovery all together. 

What information you should look for?

Planning a medical treatment abroad has now become easier than ever. Just like leisurely travelling, you get wide options in terms of packages and deals. Look out for the websites which compare the clinical services on a global scale and find out the best fit for you. You should consider the quality of treatment you’re looking for, your budget, as well as the services you’ll get in advance to avoid surprises. Also, there are many agencies which can help you out with these comparatives; approach them. You can also opt for an organized trip where the agencies will plan the whole trip for you including your to and fro medical trip. 

So what are you waiting for? Let the search begin!

Let’s wrap it up 

An increased number of international patients are now choosing Poland for their medical treatments, and the reason behind this is that the country is highly affordable. Gastric sleeve is a simple surgery which helps you in getting rapid and sustainable weight loss results. If cost is the factor stopping you, try affordable gastric sleeve in Poland. Unique packages, advanced medical services, and latest technology, you get it all in your budget. So, take the control of you your health and fitness and get back to the best version of yourself. 

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