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Lunesta is the brand name of eszopiclone. Lunesta is used for the treatment of acute insomnia. It is a sleeping medication with a high potential for abuse. The drug is only meant to be taken for the short-term. Lunesta pills are known to be circular, having a white or blue colour, and come in 1 mg, 2 mg or 3 mg. The drug is meant to be taken orally, but some people snort Lunesta to increase its effects. Lunesta helps users fall asleep at a fast rate and also stay asleep longer. This induces powerful sedation and drowsiness. Since Lunesta is prey for its users to abuse it, doctors prescribed the usage for just short term only. The drug is not bought over the counter, but people addicted to the drug may find other means to buy Lunesta online. 

Addiction To Lunesta

As we have made it known, Lunesta is a sedative used to treat sleep disorders among people who find it difficult sleeping. Since the drug is a prescription drug, it is often accepted as a safe drug to sleep aid; this downplays its addictive potential. Doctors presently only prescribe Lunesta for the short term and can only be used when the person’s insomnia is so serious. This is done because people tend to get addicted to the drug and later on abuse it. The following are some signs that show that an individual is addicted to Lunesta;

  • When the person keeps taking the drugs even after the expiration of the doctor’s prescription.
  • When the person begins to separate his or her from family and friends. 
  • When the person decides without meeting with the doctor to increase the dosage. 
  • When the person begins to feel rejected immediately, they stop taking the drug 
  • While some keep taking the drug to get high
  • When the person begins mixing Lunesta with other drugs to double the sedative effects

Taking Lunesta for a long period increases the chances of the person suffering from withdrawal symptoms. When these symptoms come up, overcoming an addiction to Lunesta becomes even more challenging, but they make the process a lot easier through professional help.



The majority of people that take Lunesta have now made a habit of taking the drug only at night to help them catch some sleep. When this routine continues, the person tends to abuse the drug. Immediately you begin to take the drug outside the doctor’s prescription, it is considered drug abuse. Some of this abusive behaviour include;

  • Not taking the drug for the main purpose which it is meant to serve
  • Turning the pills into powder form and sniffing it through your nose
  • Excess usage of the drug
  • Taking Lunesta without following a doctor’s prescription or continuous usage of the drug for a longer period

People take Lunesta as a result of the benefits they derive from it. Some of which are; it makes them sleep without interruption. Others abuse this drug because they feel happy when they calm. The bad part of abusing this drug is that it boosts the person’s chances of taking an overdose which comes with a serious level of symptoms that could be fatal most times.

Common Drug Combinations

While some Lunesta users abuse this drug, some go as far as mixing the drug with other (drugs) substances to please themselves or better still boost the effects of the drug. It is very dangerous to mix two sleeping pills as it can result in some side effects. The majority even take Lunesta with alcohol which is not advisable. This also increases the sedative effects, which can result in drowsiness.  



Lunesta, to some extent, is not a permanent solution to sleeping disorders. When taken for a long period, it allows people to abuse the drug by increasing the dosage. Also, taking Lunesta with other drugs is never a good idea as it as well increases the risk of overdose, which can be fatal.

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