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It’s nearly impossible that you don’t have some barbecue fun during winters. A nice, cozy BBQ gathering is the right choice to fill up the heart with warm memories and appetite with delicious meat. No matter where you live, barbecuing is the best way to enjoy in your backyard.

Barbecue is considered a modern dish, but it has deep roots. Its history has its origin in early civilizations. It is also believed that barbecue came into being when a man started hunting. It is also considered the earliest method of cooking known by men. With the passage of time, it evolved to its current type.

Barbecue is popular all over the whole world. In the United States, about 95 percent of people love to eat barbecues and 75 percent of adults have their own BBQ grill or smoker. Marinating the meat is the actual step to add taste to the barbecues. BBQ sauce is the best marinade to add delicious tastes to your barbecues. You can also use this sauce for topping, basting, or as a dipping sauce.

Barbecuing is real fun, but it’s not for impatient people as it might take time to cook meat on direct fire. Some people might not want to barbecue by themselves due to this reason. They prefer to attend the parties arranged by someone else instead of arranging one by themselves.

Following are some methods that can help you to make barbecuing less work and more fun.

Maintaining the Heat in Barbecue

When you put meat pieces on the barbecue, the most important thing is to maintain the heat. If you fail to do so, your BBQs might be undercooked or overcooked and can ruin your fun. The best way to maintain heat is to put the burning coals on one side instead of the center. This will keep the barbecue hot from one side and cold on the other side.

Make sure that the amount of coals must not be too low or too high. More coals will result in high heat and can burn your BBQs and make them hard to eat. The distance of coals from meat pieces must be kept normal. This is compulsory when you are barbecuing fat-containing meat, as the melted fat will attract flames and you will have no other choice than to watch your food burning.

Meat Type and Barbecue Methods

There is no specific type of meat that you can barbecue. You can choose any meat type for that purpose and barbecue it according to the required conditions. There are two basic methods of barbecuing, with lid and without lid. When your meat is covered with a lid, it can be cooked equally from inside and outside.

The lid is necessary while you are trying to barbecue chicken pieces, large joint pieces, or any other thing that must be baked. For direct grilling, choose the small and boneless pieces of meat.

Buy Barbecue Sauce Instead of Making it at Home

Barbecue sauce is the basic thing for barbecuing. It can give different tastes to your barbecues. It is required to marinate the meat before barbecuing and is also used as a topping. You can also serve it with barbecue as a dipping sauce. You can make it at your home, but this is a time taking process. You should invest some money to buy BBQ sauce. This will save your time and will provide you with high-quality sauce.

Pre-Preparation and Cleaning

Try to start things a little bit earlier, so your BBQ party must not be turned into a drink party and your guests start returning before your BBQs get ready. Many of you might have noticed that the coals become perfect for barbecuing at the end stage. So try to ignite them 15 minutes earlier and wait till they are covered with grey ash, and become perfect for barbecuing.

Marinating the meat earlier and cleaning at the end of the party should also be kept in mind. The worst part of cleaning is to clean the barbecue. Preheating the barbecue before cooking can avoid stains and make it easier to clean it.

There you  go! These are effective tips to make your BBQ party more fun and happening. You can also try different BBQ hacks and Vegetarian BBQs as well to double the fun.

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