Make Your Workplace More Appealing with Office Blinds

For the office window dressing, horizontal blinds made of thin aluminum slats and vertical blinds made of fabric strips impregnated with water and dust-repellent compounds are most often used.

Blinds are window shades in the form of long plates with laces.

Their popularity is due to their functionality and low cost. The materials used are metal, wood, fabric and plastic. For office window blinds and curtains in Dubai, cassette blinds made of fabric will be an ideal option.

The Cost of Office Blinds Dubai

The price for office blinds is calculated individually. It depends on the following factors:

  • Volume and terms of the order;
  • Dimensions of the finished product;
  • Brand and quantity of consumables;
  • Additional accessories (if needed);
  • The need to provide related services (delivery, installation).

If you want to get valid information, book an appointment with the master at your office for measurements. He will assess the technical component of the issue, help determine the style and material of the office blinds Dubai, and calculate the final cost of the finished product. Entrust the design of your window treatments to Atlantis Curtains — the leading curtain seller on the Arabian market!

Horizontal and Vertical Office Blinds in Dubai: Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of blinds for the office windows:

  • take up little space;
  • provide a convenient access to the windowsill;
  • have high functionality — you can open them, lift and fix;
  • the design matches the business style of the office;
  • easy to care for — no need to remove them to get rid of dust.

This window design option also has disadvantages:

  • the product has a limited service life — with intensive use, the lamellas break, the lifting mechanism fails;
  • metal structures rattle if the windows are open and the wind is blowing;
  • low decorative function — when raised, the window is exposed.

What Blinds Will Suit Your Office Interior

Blinds are ideal window treatment for offices with multiple employees, especially if the desks are located near the windows. In such conditions, traditional curtains will get in the way, get dirty quickly, and the hooks may often break. The blinds do not have these shortcomings. In addition, they emphasize the business atmosphere of the office.

Another good option for decorating windows with blinds is small offices. They often place the table close to the window or use the window sill as a part of the working surface, so it is important to provide free access to it.

If blinds are used to dress a window in a manager’s office, they must be made of expensive materials, such as natural wood. Such a product is beautifully combined with wooden furniture, leather sofas and does not require additional decor.

If we are talking about study rooms and home offices, then instead of aluminum structures, it is better to use bamboo blinds or roller blinds.


When choosing window dressing for your office in Dubai, remember that the workroom windows look reflects the spirit and state of the company.

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