Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Mara Corporation

Mara phones Rwanda or popularly referred to as Mara Corporation has released the Mara X phones in the second quarter of 2018. Trust me from its reviews it is one of its unique kind of smartphone in the market. This was part of a consortium of Android portfolio of Google. Just to secure the software experience formulated by Google is secure, smart and nothing short of amazing. It is running on the latest operating system Android 8.0 oreo. A couple of years with OS upgrades arise and optimization of the device has gone on to take place with Google assistant that could be your own personal version of Google providing help during the course of the day.

From Google photos, unlimited high-quality photo storage is incorporated with a well- crafted set of pre-installed apps. Mara device ensures that African users have the necessary space for the apps they love. With regular security updates along with Google play protect embedded it means that Mara X stands to be one of the security devices available in the market. In the continent of Africa along with emerging markets, the need of the hour is quality smartphones that are highly affordable. This was in the words of the chairman of Mara Jagdish Thakkar. By using this phone people have a chance to improve their life by accessing information online and using them for financial services and for trade.

In the words of the Brand director Siya Chug, he has no second thoughts of claiming Mara as an African brand. Since its inception as a small IT business in the country of Uganda, it has gone on to expand at a global level and it has transformed into a multi-investment group as of now. A testimony to this fact is that across 25 African countries it has employed close to 14 000 people spread across 3 continents.

Mara Corporation has directed its efforts towards the formation of an e-commerce digital ecosystem to take care of the evolving needs of the customers all across Africa. This is achieved by investing in e-commerce driven outlets like social media, financial technology, last mile logistics followed by Mara X.

Mara X is a device that people are expected to have fun. The people will learn to familiarize with the future and work towards a better future. The continent of Africa is witnessing a spurt of budding entrepreneurs who are exploring mobile technology for driving their business. With Mara X they are expected to soar new heights as the continent is expected to have close to 700 million smartphones in the coming years. Once again this drives home the point creativity improves lives.

In addition to this, Mara X is another version that has generated a lot of interest. This is a pure and authentic version of Android that has several advantages. But of late the evolution of Mara X has made things for the better.

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