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Marjorie Harvey Life, Struggle and Marriage with Steve Harvey

Marjorie Elaine Harvey is getting so much attention from the media and fans nowadays about her life and marriage with Steve. Whether it’s cheating on Steve Harvey and once trying to break his past marriage with Mary Shackelford before divorce. Steve Harvey came in defence of his wife and slammed the media for the speculation.

But What’s going on really in the life of Harveys? You’ll find out how’s the life of Marjorie Harvey. What’s Marjorie Harvey’s age? What kind of struggle had she faced? How did Marjorie get married to Steve Harvey? and the speculation of divorce in this article: 

Who’s Marjorie Harvey?

Marjorie Elaine Harvey’s parents were a working-class family in the USA with an African accent. She grew up with her family of dad but she has a special bond with her mother which we can see through her posts on social media. She recently celebrated her parent’s 60th anniversary.

Who’s Marjorie Harvey

She had joined the University of Memphis in the late 80s for higher education with her friends but dropped out because of some unknown reasons to the media. She has done so many things in her career like fashion blogging for ‘The Lady Loves Couture’, and entrepreneurship as an online shopping site Marjorie Harvey’s Closet. Beyond fashion and business, she and Steve Harvey founded the Steve and Marjorie Foundation for philanthropy.

She was previously married twice before settling down with Steve Harvey. Her first marriage with Jim Townsend ended because he went to jail for an unidentified reason. Her second marriage with Darnell Woods terminated because he was involved in the drug trade and he also went to imprisonment for that.

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Who is Steve Harvey and What does he do?

Steve Harvey’s childhood in West Virginia was full of difficulties and he has told this so many times in his The Steve Harvey Show because his father used to work as a coal miner to earn and his mother a housewife. Thus he struggled hard for everything that he used to dream of. He had done so many odd jobs in his youth before becoming a well-known T.V. personality like an autoworker, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner, and mail carrier. After that around 1985, for the very first time, he accidentally got his first stand-up comedy show and gradually started becoming a popular comic in the arena.

After becoming a successful stand-up comedian, he started getting offers from television companies to feature in their shows, and because of that, he got the most popular show of his life THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW. In September 2010, Steve Harvey got the opportunity of life to host the FAMILY FEUD show and it became the highest of all time in TRPs after Steve’s hosting. Steve has written four books also including his best-selling Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man in 2009.

Steve Harvey has been married two times more publicly before marrying Marjorie. He has two daughters and one son from his first wife Marcia Harvey and one son from his second wife Mary Shackelford. 

Controversy of Miss Universe 

During the Miss Universe, Steve Harvey got the opportunity to host the pageant. When he was announcing the results, he by mistake announced the runner-up Miss Columbia as the winner. After a few minutes of the results being announced, Steve got the confirmation that the real winner was Miss Philippines. Steve apologized to Miss Philippines outside the show and later tweeted about her. In this whole drama, Marjorie comes in defence of Steve and supports him. 

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Where did Marjorie and Steve Harvey meet?

Marjorie Harvey met Steve Harvey for the very first time in 1990 at a club in Memphis, Tennessee where Steve was performing comedy. They dated for a short period but parted ways because Steve told on the Steve Harvey Show that then he wanted to make his career first before settling down with someone.

Where did Marjorie and Steve Harvey meet

But when Steve Harvey became single again in 2005 after divorcing her wife Mary Shackelford, his bodyguard helped him to reconcile his relationship with Marjorie. After dating for two more years, Steve and Marjorie Harvey got married in 2007.

Steve adopted the three children of Marjorie from her previous marriages and Steve had four children from his previous marriages so the couple has now a total of seven children in the family. The couple celebrated their sixteenth marriage anniversary in 2023 in Lake Como, Italy. Marjorie and Steve Harvey are grandparents to seven grandchildren from their respective children’s children in addition to their own seven children.

Did Marjorie cheat on Steve Harvey?

According to some media reports last year rumours were going on about Marjorie cheating on Steve Harvey with his personal Chef and Bodyguard and asking for 200 million dollars to give the divorce but in August 2023, Steve Harvey shut down the rumours of cheating at Invest Fest, Atlanta, and told the audience, “My marriage is fine”. After that, Marjorie also posted on Instagram about rumours of cheating and called them, “Foolish and lie”.

Steve Harvey also addressed Marjorie breaking his previous marriage with Mary Shackelford in August on Steve Harvey FM Radio Show and said, “Y’all Quit Talking”. She didn’t break my marriage with Mary because the divorce already happened in 2005 and called this a baseless speculation of the media.

Steve Harvey was recently recognized at TheGrio Awards, where he won the Television Icon Award for his decades of work in Hollywood. When he got onstage to give his victory speech, he seized the opportunity to shed light on the underlying purpose for everything he has accomplished in life. As the camera turned to his wife, Marjorie, he couldn’t help but make a sentimental declaration about how she had been by his side through life’s ups and downs.

“That woman right there my wife Marjorie in the audience, she’s gone down with me like four flat tires,” he emotionally addressed the audience. “Marjorie has been true and loyal to me. “Most of 85% of what you’ve talked about my life whether it’s career success or personal milestones after I married that girl right there.”


To summarize, Marjorie Harvey’s life story has been a kind of resilience, triumph, and dedication. After overcoming the difficulties of previous marriages where her partners were doing illegal things and went to jail, Marjorie found a permanent partnership with Steve Harvey, raising a family of seven children and fulfilling the role of grandmother to seven grandchildren.

The couple do philanthropic activities through the Steve and Marjorie Foundation shows how they want to change the world and do some good things for people beyond their own lives.

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