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Best Things to Do in New Orleans


Everyone has visited or heard of the World War II Museum and other classic New Orleans attractions like the New Orleans Museum of Art. However, the city has a lot more to offer. According to Matthew Davies Stockton, apart from natural treasures, the city is also rich in history and culture and you can’t miss out on them. Here are some of the best things to do in New Orleans:

The Activities

  1. Have wine with cheese platter at Crescent Park – After the large renovation project, 2014 brought a complete transformation to the downtown neighborhoods of Bywater and Marigny. The banks of Mississippi that used to be a mess with the post-industrial waste, but now host a beautiful park. It stretches over 1.5 miles and has the vibe of an off-beat less touristy local spot. Grab a cheese plate from the Bacchanal Wines that is located nearby and sit at the park for a relaxed picnic with your favorite bottle of wine along with friends. 
  2. Try out percussion at the Music Box Village – This place will give you a post-apocalyptic impression if you visit it during the wrong time. The wooden fortress is located in a downtown Bywater neighborhood and is the quirky fusion of a rural music venue and a playground. It has several small structures that resemble houses and are made from all kinds of materials including metal, wood, and plastic. It also has its own unique set of musical instruments. You are expected to run around with the curiosity of a kid and make a lot of noise. Sometimes bands come and make a joyful evening session with the instruments that are hooked on the windows and into the floors. 
  3. Be mesmerized at the Orpheum Theater – The city has breathed new life into its theater district after the massive renovation project. One of its beneficiaries has been this beloved venue, the Orpheum Theater. It dates back over a century and is home to the orchestra group Louisiana Philharmonic. When the theater isn’t hosting its permanent rock stars, it hosts comedians, tourist bands, variety shows, and local burlesque.   
  4. Get spooked at the French Quarter Phantoms – Cemetery tours have become the norm through major cities and here you can get spooked as well as learn the local history of New Orleans. In the guided tour everyone meets at the Rampart Street bar or the “office” and from there venture out on their spooky journey with excited faces. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the tombs of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and other local legends. 
  5. Support local artists at the Palace Market Frenchmen – This night art market is well established and renowned for its urban and casual ambiance. The pop-up feel you get from this place is due to the exceptional work of a stable row of 80 local artists that keeps rotating for fair exposure. You can pick up some exclusive handicrafts and artwork that won’t be available anywhere else. 


Matthew Davies Stockton suggests that you do these things at New Orleans apart from visiting the classic locations and try out the local cuisine for a wonderful time.

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