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David Kaplan was born in the USSR, he worked in Russia for a long time, and now he lives with his family in his historical homeland in Jerusalem. And the entrepreneur is also known as a talented and independent photographer. What inspires such a versatile person for his creative manifestations in photographs? Of course, travel. Businessman David Kaplan traveled from the Arctic to the South and from Asia to Europe, the United States, Russia, the Middle East and the Far East. He has visited almost every major capital of the world.

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Collection of David Kaplan

The main collection of David Kaplan is photos and recipes that you can scoop endlessly while traveling around the world. Photographers bring back digital photos and their favorite original recipes nationwide from each trip. Gourmet recipes appear on the aggregator FUBER – David’s gastronomic project, which has three thousand unique recipes.

David Kaplan’s photo archive deserves special attention. It can be divided into several thematic sections: Moscow, Israel, ecology, invisible work, travel.

The works of the so-called Israeli cycle absorbed the greatness of Israel the ancient history and traditions of the Jewish people.

Also, a special place in the collection is occupied by photographs, with the help of which David demonstrates the devastating consequences of human activity on our planet. 

human activity on our planet.


An impressive number of frames tell about the critical moments in the life of modern people and specialists, whose daily painstaking work is hidden from view and which is very important and necessary to know. To make such shots, you need patience, carefulness, and a special love for your hobby.

During its reconstruction, Photographer David Kaplan captured the Bolshoi Theater, which he supervised, and other historical architectural objects of Moscow against the backdrop of urban landscapes from non-standard angles, opening art from a new point of view. These shots will remain in the memory for a long time and deserve real attention.


David Kaplan’s travels are always themed. Experiences added to the list of recommendations from David Kaplan for future trips of his friends and acquaintances.

Israeli businessman David Kaplan felt his connection with nature through photography. The right choice of time of day and the angle of natural light. The use of special shooting techniques, modern professional equipment: all this together helped Kaplan develop his recognizable style of photography.

How David sees nature is immediately clear from the frames from the photo archive. This is a world of revelations, dazzling, incredibly bright, with a whole palette of colors.

How many unique places has nature created on our planet. Photos tell about the brightest impressions.

Trips to Southeast Asia

From one of his trips to Southeast Asia. Israeli businessman David Kaplan brought back a delightful photograph of a Japanese maple tree in autumn filled with a unique calmness. In the soft light of the rising sun, the majestic maple, with its powerful branches and fluffy crown. Seems to rest against the cloudy morning sky, and its roots are buried in the grass, lush and wet from the morning dew.

Or, for example, unique shots of cherry blossoms in the Japanese city of Kyoto – an airy pink and white image of a natural Japanese spring.

Trips to Southeast Asia

Autumn is quiet, colorful, calming. Amazing shots of golden landscapes running across the lake in thick fog are mesmerizing. This Lake Como is the place of inspiration for an Israeli businessman.

inspiration for an Israeli businessman.

David Kaplan invests his time, energy in his hobby so that others can see the world through his eyes, and you can say “virtually” to visit places where you have not been before.

Traveling the world opens up new horizons; the ability to capture everything in photographs enriches your life and the lives of those around you.

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