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Men’s Engagement Rings Trends For 2020

Traditionally women wear engagement rings as a symbol of commitment to their partner. Gender roles have changed over time; now, you find several men wearing engagement rings as well. For many couples today, there come couple engagement rings with a bit of similarity in design.

Women usually wear wedding ring throughout their life, but more men will wear a band once they are engaged and do not wear them later on. In some parts of the world it is a tradition that both the partners will have to wear the engagement rings as long as they are a couple. This is a gesture that both of them are together and still committed when it makes sense for both in a relationship as it helps them to show their love and commitment.

If you are currently looking for men rings Melbourne, we have rounded off a few designs (metal and styles) to help you choose the rings according to the trends of Melbourne & make your engagement memorable.

Get a personalized ring

There come one size fits all wedding bands which are easy to carry and can be worn every day. Whether you work in construction, sit in a desk, work in a gym as an instructor, or spend your day before your laptop or computer, these rings are best. 

They are usually made from platinum-coated with gold. Gold helps to avoid the matt finish and add decorative details to it. You can put your middle name inside the ring or use one or two gemstones in the center as well.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings are not only a girl’s best friend but also a guy’s. Stylish guys will love the sparkle and specification of diamonds; they usually wear it alongside their watches, hand bands, or neck chains. Diamonds are one of the leading stones in men’s jewelry today.
The best-selling diamonds involve less than a full carat because it is wearable. The stones are usually not crafted; they are simple and have a smooth exterior, which provides excellent security. The two popular styles include Gypsy and the channel set round or square diamond. You can choose icy white, black champagne or yellow diamonds for your man’s ring. As for the black diamond shopping, we would suggest you visit the ItsHot website. Each of their black diamond rings is expressive and unique. You can surf through their selection via this link:

Platinum rings

Although gold is a popular choice when it comes to jewelry, platinum items are also becoming popular day by day. People love to wear platinum rings, pendants, and earrings. Both genders equally love platinum so you can count on it for the engagement ring for your boyfriend.

 It offers the most exceptional quality with a matt finish. The only drawback is that it requires special care and regular maintenance because any scratch can quickly mar the Matt finish.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Other than platinum, tungsten carbide rings are also an excellent go-to choice. They never go out of style and over a smooth and flat finish. They have a shiny appearance. You can customize these tungsten carbide rings by carrying your or your boyfriend’s name inside the band or embellishing it with one or two diamonds.

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