Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

In today’s world it is very much necessary for a company to bring something new and outshine another company and catch the limelight.Day by day competition in the market is increasing. So its necessary to take care that the decoration goes at par with the increasing competitive market. Thus to be at par with the competitive market old type of decoration is being dominated by the new type of decoration. By Metallic IML decoration one can have a new type of decoration over its dull looking product like chair, table, and other daily usage plastic products.Certainly many advantages are also available as well as wide range of opportunities.


All about metallic IML decoration

IML is an acronym of In mould labelling which is a decoration process where to make one product,both the label and a product is combined. When the object is being moulded in this process the product is labelled or decorated. For example, in an cheese tub this new technique can be applied . This new technique have given the idea where initially a pre printed polypropylene is fixed and later the mould gets the configuration of the final product. After that the polypropylene is added to the mould. And finally during the healing process the product gets the shape of the mould, when the mould is being blended with the label. After that the mould is manually closed and later the plastic resin is forcefully ejected inside the mould cavity. And after this finally the product is made and the producers get their desired products.

Advantages of the metallic IML decorations

To choose a product above all it is very necessary to check over its advantages and get the best out of all. Metallic  IML decoration have a lot of advantages and they are:

  1. Large products like chairs, tables etc can be decorated with the help of IML solution or IML decorations.
  2. Durability like no other is available if the product is getting moulded and labelled by metallic IML.
  3. By using Metallic IML decoration cost gets reduced to a high extent and it is of course of much help.
  4. When a new product is launched it becomes really helpful because metallic IML decorations can be done for very short runs.
  5. Metallic IML is safe to be used in a dishwasher and even it is microwaveable.
  6. A lot more attractive than any other decorations as it combined of large varieties of printing colours.
  7. If the product is not being decorated with the Metallic IML decoration it gives the look of the cheap plastic. Thus to get an eye catching and exclusive look as well as feel one must definitely go for  Metallic IML Decoration.
  8. A well defined Standard  should be maintained and so is done if the decoration is done by Metallic IML.

Additional offers with Metallic IML Decoration

In Metallic IML decoration, to make the thing more interesting and more efficient lamination is being combined with the IML process. Thus to the clients it becomes  a great offer and a scope of achieving higher packaging point. And this provides an advantage and that is food safe IML, that is which can come in direct contact with the food. Even lamination with Metallic IML decoration can give us a vivid position in the industry.  Lamination makes the product highly durable.

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