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Methylfolate side effects are not that uncommon. But still some people seem to experience it more than others. Is there a pattern to these side effects

Methylfolate side effects are not that uncommon. But still some people seem to experience it more than others. Is there a pattern to these side effects? If you have MTHFR gene mutation may be a personal experience with these side effects of maybe you have heard about the possibility of getting them.

Methylfolate can be a very potent supplement for people with MTHFR gene mutation and it can also be very helpful for them. But some people don’t seem to tolerate it as well as others. Why is that? How do you know if you are having these methylfolate side effects? And what are the most common side effects that are seen?

In this article we are going to talk or answer the questions we have written above and other methylfolate side effect questions.

Side Effects OfMethylfolate

So the most common methylfolate side effects that I see from methylfolate can be broadly categorized as over methylation. And over methylation put simply is the process that occurs from taking too much methylfolate or other methyl donors.

Now methylation is the process when optimized that allows for all the positive benefits of taking methylfolate.

Methylfolate it is at the centre one of the main key ingredients for allowing that methylation process to run optimally.

However too much methylfolate will actually cause that methylation process to shut down and lead to the symptoms that we would consider side effects like, fatigue, muscle aches, joint aches, depression and possibly anxiety too. Same symptoms that methylfolatesupplementation actually helps, can actually trigger those symptoms to get worse when given in too high of doses.

So this problem is very common and I see it most commonly in people that are taking Deplin which is a very potent methylfolate supplement. In fact most people with MTHFR gene mutations don’t need this much methylfolate. Some do that would be the more exception and not the rule it’s I mean somewhere around like 7.5 to 250 it comes in 7.5 in 15 milligrams, which is pretty high for most people.

So we can sort of place the first three symptoms muscle aches, joint muscle age/joint aches, fatigues and anxiety into that methylation category.

Joint Ache and Fatigue

Remember joint ache and fatigue can also be symptoms from under methylation. But when given it too high a dose the symptoms actually flip leading to worsening of those symptoms. And most of the time this kind of comes about when people are taking methylfolate for a while and then all of a sudden you know they start to feel like it’s not working.


Anxiety can occur from over methylation but some people just don’t tolerate higher amounts of methylfolate and technically in some cases it’s not necessarily problem over methylation. So you can maybe add another category here and put anxiety in a separate category or a separate symptom rather than over methylation. And it has to do more with the person’s unique genetics and other lifestyle things are going on. That’s why, we emphasize you know taking a broader look at what’s going on with the person not just treating MTHFR. So that’s important to consider.


The third side effect for methylfolate side effect to consider is occurs in the digestive tract, like pain, or discomfort, acid reflux things like that when taking methylfolate. So upon taking methylfolate or sometimes other B vitamins people will start to have abdominal pain or discomfort like I said indigestion. And they may actually have other sort of systemic symptoms too like rash or headaches or other symptoms. And these cases you wrongly attribute the symptoms to something in the pill that you took.


So these are the top side effects of methylfolate. But its benefits are more than its side effects. Again everything is not for everyone you, should take methylfolate after doctor’s prescription or advice. 





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