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Mexico Tourist Card – Travel Advisory | Natvisa

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Mexico Now Open To Travelers

Mexico has been one of the most favorite tourist hotspots for a long time. Mexico beholds gorgeous scenery and captivating tropical beaches with highly inspirational culture and heritage, after covid-19 restrictions now lifted once again Mexico is open for travelers you can travel easily by air and you don’t have to provide any covid-19 screening or negative PCR on your arrival. You don’t need to be self quarantined after you arrive in Mexico, even though some resorts may ask you to fill a health questionnaire but no further testing is required.

Mexico Tourist Card

A Mexico tourist card is a document that all foreign travelers arriving in Mexico need. You can get your Mexico tourist by filling an online entry immigration form Forma Migratoria Múltiple [FMM] before your arrival. Every individual needs a separate Mexico tourist card, children also need to have a Mexico tourist card, Mexico tourist card is not the same as a visa so some travelers may need to have both a Mexico tourist card and visa.

After landing, get your tourist card stamped by an immigration official as the unstamped card is worthless and not valid, an immigration official will also write the numbers of days you can stay, initially, you are allowed to stay 30 to 60 days but the maximum limit is 180 days or 6 months so you can get your Mexico tourist card extended if you plan to stay more than 30 to 60 days, if you want to stay for a more then maximum limit of 180 days then you can leave and re-enter the country or you can apply a different kind of visa.

Make sure to keep your tourist card at a safe place and do not lose it as you have to submit your card before leaving the country if you don’t have your card at that time you may be fined so keep your card safe between pages of your passport to avoid any unfavorable consequences. If you have lost your card during your stay then you need to apply for a replacement tourist card and you also have to pay fees for that.

When do you need a Mexico tourist card?

  •   If you are a foreign citizen and want to travel to Mexico
  •   You have a valid passport with an expiry date after 6 months minimum
  •   You will be traveling to Mexico within 30 days for your vacations
  •   You will be staying at Mexico for more than 180 days
  •   You are going to Mexico for fun vacations and pleasure
  •   If you are going by plane then you need to have a confirmed airline ticket before applying for a Mexico tourist visa this only applies for air if you are going by land then you don’t need to have tickets.
  •   You are not going to Mexico for employment, in case you are going for employment you need to apply for a work visa at National Immigration Institute (INM), Mexico travel visa won’t be valid for this purpose so you need to obtain a working visa for this particular purpose.

If you meet the above conditions then you surely need a Mexico tourist card but before filling online application form make sure you have all the required data.

Requirements to apply for Mexico tourist card

  •     First and most important thing you need a valid passport and make sure your passport and all other documents are valid with an expiry date at least 6 months after your arrival in Mexico.
  •     You need to provide accurate contact information.
  •     You also have to provide your hotel addresses and details or address of your residence in Mexico
  •     You will be asked to provide your email address, on which you will be receiving your Mexico tourist visa so always provide an email address that is in your use
  •     If you are going by plane then you need to have all details about your confirmed plane tickets.

Steps To Apply For Mexico Tourist Visa

For an online application for your Mexico tourist visa, you have to fill an online form from FMM which will be easy and will save your time from office visits and document processes, Submitting an online form is quite easy it consists of basic 3 steps.

Step 1 General Information

You have to submit your general information, your name, contact details, passport number details about your trip; why are you going to Mexico? How long will you be staying? etc, but make sure to fill incorrect information from your documents with correct spellings minor errors in spelling your name and details can cause you trouble.

Step 2 Payment and Revision

As mentioned earlier minor mistakes can cause you much trouble so make sure to revise your form for all details and numbers whether they are correct or you have left a minor error so you can correct it when you still have time. After you have filled in all the data now you need to submit fees which will be online you can pay through your debit card or credit card.

Step 3 Document uploading

When you are done with steps 1 and 2 now you need to upload your documents which will not consume much time and will be quite convenient than submitting them in the office.

When you are done with all three steps now you have to wait for your request to be preceded soon. You will receive your online Mexico tourist card, you will get two filled forms one for entry and the other for the exit. You have to get your Mexico tourist visa/Natvisa  printed on both sides. At your arrival, you will submit your entry form to an immigration official. he will write the number of days you can stay in Mexico and will stamp your exit form when you will be returning your home country you will be needed to submit your exit, from in case you have lost your Mexico tourist visa exit form you will be charged fees.

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