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MLB Betting Tips

Major League Baseball has continued to become less popular over the years, but the World Series 2022 will still generate quite the buzz. The World Series remains one of the most popular sporting events in the world, and it’s a series that creates plenty of great betting opportunities. 

Betting on baseball can be tricky as the game is played much differently than other sports. It takes a ton of research if you are going to make good baseball bets, but some tips can help you become more successful.

You certainly don’t have to follow all of the following tips every single time, but they are something that you should think about before making any final decisions or wagers. 

Start with Starting Pitching

When you begin to start looking at an MLB matchup, the first place to start is with the starting pitching matchup. There are other things to consider for an MLB game, but the starting pitching matchup can dictate how a game is played. 

Certain starting pitchers have shown the ability to take over a game regularly, while others have been known to struggle. The starting pitching matchup will also have a big impact on the odds you see posted. 

Wait for the Lineups

There are certain times, and certain sports, when it’s beneficial to make a bet as soon as the opening lines are posted. That’s not usually the case when it comes to baseball betting, and you won’t see the lines posted very early.

If you are going to bet on baseball, then it’s a good idea to wait until the starting lineups are posted for each team. Baseball lineups are typically put together based on matchups, and you aren’t going to see the best players in the lineup every single day. 

Check Out the Weather

Most baseball games are played outdoors, but some stadiums have a dome. If you are betting on a game played outside, you absolutely have to look at the weather report. 

The weather might not have an impact on which team comes away with a victory, but it can be something to look at if you are betting on the over/under. This can be especially important if you are betting on baseball during the first or last months of the year. 

Use Different Betting Options

As with any sport, it’s always a good idea to use different betting types when wagering on baseball. Moneyline betting is usually the best option to go with for MLB games, but that’s not the only option that you are going to have. 

The run line is a bet that is similar to spread betting in other sports, and it can come with a huge payout for MLB games. Combining the run line with an over/under wager is another way to pick up a good win while betting on baseball. 

Check Out the Props

After you have decided what traditional pre-game bets you are going to make, it’s the time to take a look at the prop betting options. Prop betting isn’t as popular when it comes to baseball, but you can still find some good options out there.

Betting on a player to hit a home run is always going to be a good option, or you can also take a look at alternate strikeout totals for starting pitchers. As long as you find prop bets with some value, then that’s what your target should be. 

Be Ready to React In-Game

Most of your work should be done pre-game, but that doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and watch after the game begins. Live or in-play betting has become an extremely popular way to bet on sports, and it’s a great option for betting on baseball.

The biggest benefit of betting on a game live is that you can react to what you see taking place on the field. You can also find some great value in live betting odds, and it can lead to a big win.

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