Thu. May 30th, 2024

Los Angeles Galaxy presented the statue David Beckham. The 1998-99 Champions League winner with Manchester United played a great role to make football breathing in America. After the arrival of the former English international, many superstars from the world of football have had played in one of the best leagues in North America.

From 2007 to 2012, Beckham played six seasons in the league and made many following football in the United States. The statue has been located outside of the stadium’s main entrance. There are many views of the pundits on Beckham’s achievements in football. A complete different sports debate. However, the contribution of former Real Madrid and AC Milan player is second to none for the fans of LA Galaxy, who now want Zlatan Ibrahimovic to make them the champion. Last season, the best side form LA failed to qualify for the playoffs, something Ibrahimovic must be hoping to do in the brand new season.

David Beckham thanked the fans and management for giving him this great honour. Ibrahimovic, one of the best football transfer makers, must be hoping to place his best foot forward and make this club ready for winning the league title. Other than Man United, the greatest ever player in the history of Sweden had won the league title before joining the LA side. While in the capital city of Washington, Wayne Rooney, who was in great form last season, has made his boots ready to blast on the field better than ever before.

When Rooney scores, it’s not just recent a sports News in India, but every European football fan loves to see the one-time Champions League winner going on fire. The new and existing season of the Major League Soccer is ready to picture every superstar for making the dead ashes alive in the country where football is not as big as Baseball and other games. However, after the arrival of many global stars, many sports news channel and all started to include this on the front page of their plans.

Many football pundits don’t want the leagues like MLS and CSL to kill the game with the power of money. Some might say that they are right. However, the holistic development of football will not become bigger and better without these plans and all. The system of relegation should be in the minds of MLS. In football, it is very important to include the fear of losing top-flight football. This type of move might help the small sides to think big. Picking the fences just like the other games in the USA is not the right way to attract younger players joining the league.

Asia is a growing football arena in football and adding some players from the major area’s can make the job of old players to face some more stipulations to prove their worth. After every passing season, football transfers are picking the ventures of the MLS better than ever before and fans must be hoping to see the league shining on the American landscape better than many around them.

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