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Must-have Essentials To Carry Around In Your Dance Bag For Dance Recitals and Practice

Dancing is an art. A carefully choreographed fluidic art that consists of graceful movements and imparts a symbolic and entertaining value to the viewers. It is the universal language that connects millions of people across cultures, countries, religions and communities. Australia is also a multicultural hub of dance styles from jazz and hip hop to ballet and tap dances. Besides the hundreds of hours of concentrated discipline, what makes a dancer better is how well prepared they are. From girls dance shoes to snacks, take a look at all the must-have essentials every girl should equip in her dance bag.

  1. A Makeup Set: People will be surprised to know how often the last minute touch up becomes important before every lesson or practice. Sometimes, important people may give a surprise visit to a program, so it’s very important to keep the face clean and smudge-free and look graceful during the performance.

  1. The Keep-The-Hair-Tidy Set: Dancers are recommended to keep their hair set in a bun to prevent disturbance during the movement. Unless it’s a style where hair is allowed to be free and compliments the dance, keeping the hair set, and tidy is a sign of professionalism and respect for the dance floor. So bring a set of pins and elastic bands for the time being. It might not be a bad idea to have a hairbrush or a comb too.

  1. Items To Keep Body Odour At Bay: Dance practice can be exhilarating, and one can find themselves drenched in sweat after a routine. Having a towel to dry off the sweat will be beneficial, especially when a partner is involved. Moreover, sweat can breed danger by slipping on it and may lead to injuries, so dry off as often as possible. With sweat comes body odour, so keep a deodorant handy, and perfume can also be a nice touch.

  1. Items To Stay Safe: A stack of bandages, antiseptics and antibacterial wipes for those cases where a cut or a scrape might happen. Better to patch them up quickly before they give way to further inconvenience.

  1. Warm Up Kits: Stretching is an important part of every routine, and having a backup set of tights or leotards will come in handy. Also, throw in a few extra clothes in the bag for easy replacements in case of tearing.

  1. Plastic Bag: Speaking of extra clothes, have a plastic bag, preferably sealable, to dump in the wet and sticky clothes after practice. Don’t put them directly into the bag but rather use a plastic bag to bundle up the dirty clothes so that they can easily be separated at the time of washing.

  1. Dancing Shoes: Having a good pair of all types of girls dance shoes for jazz routines, ballet, and other types will be beneficial. Stocking the rack with all the necessary shoes will prevent any hasty shopping sprees when a performer or a choreographer gets in touch for a quick recital or audition.

It’s a rather inconvenient moment when one is on the dance floor and is in sudden need of a quick touch up and finds that there aren’t the required items in the bag. So fill in all the required items and make sure every dance practice or audition will be safe and secure and it’ll give the dancer peace of mind and boost them to perform their absolute best.

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