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Owning a Car

Pretty much everybody knows that you can buy a car with cash or lease it. So far so good! But now there is an entirely new way of becoming a car owner and it is so easy, you may do it in your lunch break!


Let us take a look at the concept of car subscriptions and find out if a great option for you!

Car subscriptions are probably among the easiest and fastest ways of getting your hands on a new set of wheels. This new model is particularly interesting for those of us that need quick access to a car for only a limited amount of time. This means, that for the first time in history, putting a brand new $50,000 car or truck in your driveway could be just be as easy and convenient as streaming your favorite show on Netflix or buying a pair of chinos!

Here’s how it works: you pay a monthly fee that includes pretty much everything except fuel (or electricity for an EV). Car insurance, MOT, maintenance, taxes and other expenses are already included in your monthly rate. Convenient!

Another way to put it: booking a car subscription is almost as easy as renting one. Those of us that are familiar with booking an airport rental from Hertz, Avis or Sixt (by the way, the later two already offer car subscriptions in some countries), should have no trouble at all with the booking process of a subscription car. 

You may have already guessed it: car subscriptions are most attractive for people living in larger cities that may not always need a car, but have outgrown traditional car-sharing offerings such as zipcar. Reasons may vary: maybe a new family member has arrived? Maybe the new job requires you to commute a few miles extra? Whatever the reason, relying on a shared car is no longer a good option for you, but spending a large amount of cash on a new car or truck is also not a prudent move. It’s exactly at this stage, where for a lot of people car subscriptions start making sense as an alternative. You get long-term access to a car, while having a large degree of flexibility since at the end of the subscription term your vehicle can be kept or simply be swapped out for a better suited car or truck upon renewal.

Speed and convenience is another benefit of a car subscription since you spend bascially no time on at all in show rooms – the often painfully long selection process of a new car is being taken out of the equation entirely. This means no haggling with pushy sales folks at the dealership and virtually no time wasted on administrative tasks or paperwork for getting the car registered and insured (We know everybody loves visiting the DMV, right?!). Car subs are pretty much plug-and-play for most users!

Now, of course you and only you control how much time you want to spend on selecting the right car for you and your family. You may just want to browse through a few reviews from car magazines or youtube channels, to ensure you are not ending up in a cheaply made hunk of plastic on four wheels. By the way, if you are on the lookout for attractive car subscription deals where you get the best value for money, you may want to have a look at comparison sites like abopiloten, that are specialized in finding the best car subscription deals for you. 

We know your mileage may vary, but car subscriptions at the very least give you the option to switch cars every few months, according to what your lifestyle demands. Single and ready to mingle? How about a svelte Coupe or small city car? Just got kids? Then how about a midsized SUV with plenty of space for your offspring? Thing is, that with car subscriptions, the car really starts tailoring around your lifestyle, not the other way around!

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