Pay your BSNL bill securely in online with more rewards

Pay your BSNL bill securely in online with more rewards

The most secured telephone bill pay portal in online for all Broadband, landline and FTTH, DID bills is BSNL online bill payment portal, and this is a way of making your payment on your bills online and this method is very effective and very easy to the users.

However, to enable you facilitate and enjoy BSNL payments online, you never require to downloading any BSNL portal, just login to website and pay the bills or just download My BSNL app and pay the bills.

What is BSNL service type? BSNL mobile is known to be one of the major service providers of GSM cellular mobile services which are under the brand name called cellone. The service provides fixedline services and landline services which use a technology known as CDMA and its own extensive optical fiber work.

How can we pay BSNL bills online securely?

  1. Make a BSNL payment with an account.

Read below highlighted steps on how you can make BSNL payments online.

  • Visit the and you click on “pay” landline/ broadbill. You will find this under the heading named “my account” which is found at the center of the page.
  • You will be required to create an account that will enable you pay your bills online, this will be done by clicking on the link “register” this will enable you to sign up.
  • At this point you will be required to fill in all the information for all the marked this pint you will be required to fill in your personal contact information and your preffed user name, password and the security information.
  • You will need to review all the information that you have put into each field and upon confirmation on each field. If its correct you click on “submit.”
  • Return to the homepage and you log into your account by entering your user name and the password information. Thereafter, you click on submit.
  • You will be required to add your phone account to pay your bill.
  • After you add your phone account ,click the link view pay outstanding click the link view/ pay outstanding
  • Click the “pay now” to enable you facilitate your account and pay the outstanding h


  1. How to pay BSNL telephone bills online

BSNL is one of the largest telephone service providers. They also deliver mobile phones and offers internet services  to their millions of customers. The BSNL gives their customers an opportunity to make their telephone bill online. This is done in different ways. The mode of payments is very efficient, convenient and saves you a lot of time. Below are the few steps to pay BSNL telephone bills online.

Make a BSNL payment without an account

Below are few steps to follow while making a payment online without an account.

  • Visit the website and under the heading “my account” then you click on “pay”landline/broadband bill.
  • Visit the link and click in link register and create an account to pay
  • Fill in all the marked areas in the phone which signifies that the information will be required to set up your account.
  • Remember to review all the information that you have put in to each field . after confirming all is correct.
  • Retun to the home page and log in by entering you user name and the password information, then you click submit.

With this online bill portal, you can make transaction securely without any payment failures, if even any payment failures happened, BSNL will take of them on priority basis.

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