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The Pain Points of Traditional Permitting Processes

You know the drill. That great new project you’ve been planning needs permits before you can break ground. But permitting means navigating a jungle of red tape. Endless forms, fees, inspections, and more delays than you can shake a stick at. What if there was an easier way? New permitting software is here to cut through the red tape so you can get to work. Throughout this article, we’ll explore how modern tech can transform outdated permitting processes. You’ll discover tips to streamline approvals and practical solutions to common roadblocks. We’ve got your back, so you can put the rubber to the road. Ready to start your engines? Let’s do this!

How Advanced Permitting Software Streamlines Approvals

The traditional permit process is tedious and often requires you to visit the permitting office in person, wait in long lines, and deal with a lot of paperwork. Once you submit your application, it can take weeks or even months to receive approval

Lack of Transparency

You never know where your application is in the review process or who is responsible for moving it forward. You’re left in the dark waiting and hoping it gets approved.

Inefficient Processes

Most permitting offices still use outdated paper-based systems and procedures. This results in a lot of duplication of effort and wasted time. Things get lost, deadlines are missed, and you constantly have to follow up to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Costly Delays  

All the inefficiencies and lack of transparency ultimately lead to costly delays in the permitting process. Construction projects get pushed back, and business openings are postponed. For many, these unnecessary delays result in lost revenue and opportunities.  

Modern permitting software aims to solve these types of pain points. Digitizing and streamlining the permitting process, can cut through much of the red tape and help get your permits approved faster. And that means your projects and business endeavors can move forward without costly delays. Now isn’t that worth looking into?

Key Features to Look for in Permitting Software Solutions

Reducing Redundancies

With integrated permitting software, you only have to enter information once. The system pulls that data to automatically populate permit applications, saving you from re-entering the same details for each new request. That cuts down on repetitive, time-consuming tasks so you can move on to more important work.  

Streamlining Reviews 

Permitting platforms give agency reviewers a single place to view, track, and approve (or deny) permits. They can see the full history and status of a project in one glance, without shuffling through stacks of paper. Built-in alerts notify them when a permit is ready for review or requires follow-up action. Reviewers can also leave notes for applicants detailing any requested changes, speeding up the revision process.

Tracking and Reporting

Advanced permitting systems maintain a complete record of all permits, applications, reviews, and correspondences. You’ll have visibility into where each permit stands, how long reviews are taking, and metrics to identify bottlenecks. Custom reports provide insights to help optimize your processes over time. Many systems also have public portals so citizens can look up permit details on current and potential projects in their neighborhood.   

In summary, permitting software is revolutionizing how local governments issue approvals. By moving processes online and centralizing data in one place, these systems create efficiencies that simply aren’t possible with traditional paper-based methods. The result is a faster, more transparent experience for both agency staff and the public. While change can be challenging, the rewards of digital transformation are well worth the effort.

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