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It’s no secret that the world has been through a lot this first quarter of the year. The start of the new decade just wasn’t what everyone expected it to be. One thing that you may not have realized will be part of your everyday wear is protective gear, particularly face masks. As they essentially cover half of your face, it becomes hard to express your individuality while keeping yourself safe from potential virus infections.

Still, they are important, and they should not be neglected.

Part of Your Outfit

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In certain Asian countries, face masks have actually been part of fashion even before the pandemic of 2020. Japanese and South Korean models wore pitta masks as part of their outfits way before surgical masks and respirators became necessary for safety purposes. Pitta masks, of course, are not helpful in fighting the spread of viruses. However, they can be used to avoid pollen allergies, so they’re not purely for aesthetic purposes. This is one of the ways that personal style can adapt to our world.

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A Full-face Gear

South Korea, which is arguably the best source of skincare products and moisturizer online, also pioneered another trend in 2020. The bucket hat, popularized by idols and fashion icons from the country, has now been updated to have a protected face gear to prevent the spread of diseases transmitted through coughs and sneezes. These bucket hat slash facial masks can go with any outfit, and they can even be worn by children. It will even be cute if worn by the whole family, as styles range from different colors.

Colors Galore

Even if you’re not a fan of hybrid fashion protective gears, and black is not your style, you can still be fashionable in this trying time. Reusable, washable face masks now come in various designs, giving everyone endless options on self expression. You can buy a set and choose whichever you feel in the mood for. You can even plan it around your outfit to come up with a coherent look. Make sure your makeup also goes with the whole theme–if you’re wearing a floral printed mask, give your eyebrows a hint of pinks and peaches for a spring-inspired look.

Dressed to be Safe from Head to Toe

Knowing that germs can easily be transmitted just by being close to other people, now is a good time to be mindful of the items you wear. Keeping your skin covered reduces the risk of virus transmission, and it also keeps you warm, especially if you’re in a cooler climate. Raincoats and jackets with a plastic-like material may be more hygienic than cottons that absorb liquids, and closed shoes will reduce the risk of infecting your bare feet, especially if you have a cut.

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No matter the dangers the world throws your way, it’s important that you learn to adapt. But of course, you don’t have to abandon self-expression in the process. Find ways to express your style while keeping yourself protected–that’s the true 2020 fashion.


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