Plan your 7-days trip to Germany

Planning your trip to Germany? That sounds great. Yet there are many things that still approach your mind when it is about bag packing, It is important that you prepare some checklist just at the moment when the thought about how to spend 7 days in Germany hits your mind. You can take help of RS Reisen & Schlafen for your next trip.


Craft your Itinerary

With a great itinerary crafted for a 7 days trip to Germany, travel becomes easy and compact. A good plan actually helps the traveler explore the best of the country in a quite easy manner. Places like Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, Black Forest, Lake Constance, The Alps, Neuschwanstein, castle tour needs special mention.

  • Day 1- Visit to Black Forest

A trip itinerary is nothing if not travel to castles are included in it. Romanesque of roman castles adds to the place a grand endevour. All castles in Germany are equally enchanting and warrant a visit. Gothic architecture enchants and completes the tour to Black Forest, the Alps and Lake Constance.

  • Day 2- Unfolding Rothenberg Ob Der Tauder

Unfold your travelling surprises once you reach Germany. Exquisite glimpses of the cities create a world of nostalgia within the mind. Visit to Rothenberg Ob Der Tauder, Germany is to trip down the best events of the medieval era with its charming town trip. This city is the birth place to many Disney tales.

  • Day 3- Blending Munich

When in Munich, wonder aimlessly from a place to another. Endless clicks of photography make this dreamy town ranks among the best places in your list. If you are a lover of fusion art, then this city is the right dwell for you. You can spot blend of both traditional and modern concepts one after another.

  • Day 4- Visit to Neuschwanstein

Visit to Neuschwanstein and other castles are equally enchanting and magnify the culture of the place with testimony to the workmanship of the era. While in Neuschwanstein, plan a night stay in Fussen or Reutte. It is a guarantee that you will soak into the beauty of the countryside of the place.

  • Day 5- Picturesque Wurzburg

Nestled in the regions of Bavaria, Wurzburg boasts some of the coolest feature for travel. Travelers visit here to admire the ornate tapestries and dainty frescoes of the place. Sitting in the outdoor cafes and watching the picturesque view creates a nostalgic feel in the heart of a true traveler.

  • Day 6- Markets of Nuremberg

Enjoy the exquisite carved figures, wanders about the Haupmarket during winters when in Nuremberg.  This place hosts the biggest Christmas markets and travelers and local people watch for the big event every century.

  • Day 7- Dresden port

Never miss to hop on your next train to Dresden-the port city. The Charming oh-so Cafes and bristros create a magic feel all over your travelling. Hoardes of tourists ring the bell of the city learning about the historic event of the Second World War.

Final Words

Travel experts prefer a pre-plan of a total package of how to spend 7 days in Germany band work accordingly. Luxury to board trains everywhere in Germany makes it a spontaneous and incredibly flexible option for travelers. Without a pre-plan of itinerary, your travel plan can bog you down. RS Reisen und Schlafen can help you in your next trip.




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