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Home entertainment Planning a trip to Mysore? Take a note of the following places!

Planning a trip to Mysore? Take a note of the following places!

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The city of Mysore can be called as a very famous and amazing city among the people across the globe because of the best quality adventure, camping and local experiences provided by it. Every tourist whenever planning to visit Mysore city must go with the option of going to various kinds of places in this particular city which are very well worth visiting. Some such places are mentioned as follows:

 -The Brindavan Gardens: These gardens are near the Krishna Raja Sagar dam and this particular place is very well and highly cherished by the people who come to visit the dam. This is the most beautiful and refreshing garden in the Karnataka and this particular place is very much popular because of the musical type of fountain which is installed over there and very well attracts the people from the whole world. It is near about 19 km far away from the Mysore.

-Mysore Palace: This place is the greatest pride of the people and city of Mysore and nation India and is the most attractive architectural pieces of Mysore. It includes 4 gates that provide entry to the giant garden that must be visited each and every evening because it is lit with more than 90,000 lights every day. 

 -Shuka Vana: The trip of Mysore is incomplete if one does not visit this area and it is a great rehabilitation centre for the birds. This is a very amazing and a great place for all the people who are in love with the birds because they will witness various kinds of colourful and the uncommon species of birds like parrots at this particular place. This place is an amazing shelter for all kinds of injured birds and interestingly this is the most important tourist-related attraction of the city because it provides a great opportunity to provide shelter to the rarest of the bird species. This particular place is usually closed on the Wednesdays.

 -Sri Chamundeshwari temple: This temple in the Mysore city is very popular and helps to give a 360° and a comprehensive view of the complete city. All the devotees come from across the globe to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga. There are carvings on the walls with several kinds of religious sayings in the temple. For all the people who are planning to visit Mysore city this place should not be missed as it is a great one.

 -Railway Museum: In case any of the individuals want to have a very unique kind of experience that they must go with the option of visiting the Railway Museum because it is the most prideful place of the Mysore city. This particular museum is the second of this particular kind and the largest one is located in the city of Delhi. It is highly educational and provides a comprehensive tour to the people associated with the production of all kinds of coaches and the locomotives that are there in India. This museum also includes many of the ancient carriages which are working condition till now and are utilised by the Indian Railways.

 -GRS Fantasy Park: This is the most important and fun-based tourist place in Mysore. It includes several kinds of water rides and is the biggest hub for satisfying the adventure levels in the children’s and adults. This is a one-stop destination for all the people and it will occupy the entire day because it will make the whole day worth it by providing a thrilling experience to the people. This area is a great link in the modern and ancient Mysore.

– Karanji Lake: This particular lake is another beautiful place in Mysore and it is located at the lower end of Chamundi Hills where it was established by the king of Mysore. This lake is the largest lake of Karnataka. This is a highly preferred tourist destination among the people because of the scenic beauty provided by it and it is also home to different varieties of birds. Visiting this particular place in the morning time is very much blissful which is the main reason it is very much popular.

 -Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery and auditorium: This particular place was then home to the lavish and royal families of kings of the city and it was constructed in the year 1861. It is one most crucial place of this particular city and now it has become an art gallery as well as a hall for functions. It includes the largest artefacts collections which makes it very much popular among the tourists across the globe. The Art Gallery includes more than 1800 paintings which include different styles the timings are from 8:30 AM to 5 PM

 -Lalitha Mahal: This is the pride element of the whole city and is situated close to the Chamundi Hills. It was specifically constructed to provide service to the Viceroy of India at that time. It is pure white and has been converted into a heritage hotel. The scene of Hills from the palace balcony is amazing which makes it worth visiting by the tourists whenever they visit this particular city.

 – Chamundi Hills: Chamundi Hills are the most attractive and popular area of the Mysore city. This particular place is highly preferred by the people who are photography lovers because it is associated with adventure related things. In case the people are on the spiritual journey then one can also spend some of the time at the temple on the summit. Mahabaleshwar Temple is the oldest temple in the city and was briefly established about nine centuries ago. Hence, this particular place is considered to be one of the most crucial places to be visited by the people in Mysore city and it is more than 10 kms away from the main city.

 Hence, whenever any of the individuals want to visit this particular city they must go with the option to book a hotel in Mysore through several kinds of online platforms so that they can grab the best possible offers and can very well enjoy their stay.


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