Plunge Pools Make Phuket a Popular Place to Visit

Located in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is home to some of Thailand’s most popular shores. Featuring a large number of high-end resorts, restaurants, and spas, this island, with its mountains and rainforest, is the ideal escape.

Plunge in and Enjoy a Cooling Swim

Because of its quality resorts, a Phuket hotel with pool access rooms is a common type of property. You don’t have to leave your room to enjoy a swim or cool off, you can plunge into the pool right outside your patio. If you love the water and the sea, this is the ideal holiday.

The Best Time to Visit Phuket

If you want to take advantage of calmer waters and luxuriate in your private plunge pool, you should visit a Phuket resort with pool access outside of your room between the months of November and April. That is the best time to enjoy water activities, such as boating and swimming.

Avoid Travel During Monsoon Season, If Possible

From May to October, the monsoon season takes place. While the hotel prices are lower during this time, participating in water activities can be hazardous. Therefore, if you wish to book your reservations in advance, schedule a trip between November and April. You will pay more money if you book the hotel upon arrival, especially if you arrive in December or January.

Checking the Transportation

To find the best rate of exchange for U.S. dollars, look for kiosks located on the main avenues of beach towns. They typically offer better rates. Besides pool access, find out if your hotel in Phuket features a free shuttle service from the airport or between beach locations. If your hotel offers easy pool access and free transport, you have found the ideal accommodation.

When Riptides Can Be a Concern

One of the major concerns regarding water safety is the undertows or riptides at the beach. These currents come up unexpectedly from June through October. If you do choose to travel during this time, watch for posted beach flags or lifeguard alerts. For instance, a red flag means you cannot swim in the ocean, while a yellow flag waving in the wind signals “be cautious.” If you see a pair of half-yellow and half-red flags posted, you should swim between those flags.

Sheltering Yourself From the Storm

You can avoid these measures if you choose accommodation with easy pool access. In fact, this is probably one of the top luxury amenities you will find at Phuket resorts. You can get this benefit without having to pay the money you may spend elsewhere in the world. Even if you take a chance and stay in Phuket during the monsoon season, it is good to know that you will be close to the water. However, in this case, you don’t have to worry about battling any waves.

You will find the journey to Phuket is both exciting and restful. If you plan to make the trip, book a room with pool access. You will be glad you did. Make sure your passport is in good standing and that you obtain a visa if you plan to visit Thailand for more than 30 days.

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