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SPOTO PMP application sample

The majority of the people consider the PMP application process quite overwhelming. However, this process is not so overwhelming as people need to follow a few instructions and fulfill the requirements for PMP application.  Before a person applies for a PMP application, he should make sure whether he satisfies all the requirements for this application or not. People have to meet certain criteria when they apply for PMP application. This criterion is the same for all, so every applicant has to meet the requirements and criteria. Applicants can apply for PMP application in two methods. One method is the offline filling of application and the second method is the online filling of application.

Filling the application requires an application to provide his general information, contact numbers and hours, and experience. Applicants might want to see the SPOTO PMP application sample for better understanding.

When applicants are interested in the online application of PMP, then they can visit Project Management Institute or PMI. PMI is an online platform for the submission of online applications. The online application method is the instant and quickest method of applying for a PMP application. You cannot cancel the application when you have started it online. However, you can save the application for later use and make changes accordingly, but you cannot cancel the application. Duration of ninety days is given to the applicants to complete the application procedure.

After they view the application, the application has to submit the fee for exams.  PMI is responsible for guiding applicants about the fee of PMP applications. The membership of PMI is used to guess the fee of PMP application as the fee will be lower if you are a member of PMP. For the completion of the application form, you will have to choose the mode of examination whether you are interested in an online examination. The mode of examination decides the fee structure. Online mode of payment is instant and faster as compared to offline mode of payment. When you make an offline payment, then the payment has to be gone along with your application.  For more details, click here.

As soon as you submit your application and submit the payment, then the audit process is completed.  PMI is responsible for selecting selective applicants for the audit process. An applicant is notified through email whether he has been selected for the audit process or not. An applicant has to submit his documents, academic certificates along with the signature and stamp of the supervisor of the project. An applicant is given 90n days to complete and submit the documents. The audit process will 5-7 working days if you submit your documents on time.

Applicants can get a chance to schedule their exams after applying for PMP. You can give PMP exam CBT or PBT. CBT is the Computer Based Exam, and PBT is the Paper Based Exam. An eligibility ID is given to the applicants that show whether they are eligible to take the exam at the Prometric website or not. Applicants can choose the slots of their choice.  The information you provide should be accurate and authentic.

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