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Ban on polyethylene bags below 50 micron in most states has led to a shift towards the use of non-woven bags. According to industry experts at Zedpack and TMR research, the market for non-woven bags is expected to grow substantially by 2025.


The packaging industry has braced itself to make a shift towards a better alternative, considering most states in India have imposed a ban on the commonly used polyethylene bags. Non-woven bags which have emerged as better and viable packaging options post the polyethylene ban in India.

Industry experts at Zedpack, a leading non-woven bag manufacturer based in Delhi, are of the opinion that the market for their products is going to experience a substantial growth by the year 2025. “Littering was the chief reason why polyethylene bags were banned in the first place. However, that’s not an issue with non-woven bags,” said a representative from the company.

“That’s not the only advantage non-woven bags hold over the polyethylene bags which were the most popular packaging option till now. First, they are durable; they outlast their plastic and polyethylene counterparts by about 5 years,” The Zedpack representative added.

He explained further, “Second, they are customizable. Thus they can turn out to be great advertising tools for businesses. Third and most important advantage of non-woven bags is that they are eco-friendly, since they burn without leaving any residue. Combined together, all these factors are going to play a major role in the prospective boost of non-woven bags’ market.”

The claim made by Zedpack is based on a report by TMR Research, a US-based market research and consultation firm. The report has revealed that the polypropylene (PP) nonwoven fabric market is anticipated to find great growth over the next few years, especially in countries like India and China. The chief sectors posing a demand for non-woven bags and packaging are expected to be automotive, geotextile, and construction industries, the report predicts.

TMR Research’s report also indicates towards the rise of competition in the market owing to expansion. “With leading companies accounting for a larger share of the non-woven fabric market, the vendor landscape is envisaged to exhibit a fragmented nature. In order to improve market share and gain an edge over competitors, prominent players are envisioned to acquire smaller companies in the coming years,” the report reads.

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