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These days, you don’t require a high amount of money for your marketing and advertising budget to spread the word about your business. Some businesses are capable of achieving marketing success with lower budgets. However, if you’re looking to allocate a tiny bit of money to online advertising, of course, you need to select the right strategies. However, you can buy Spotify plays for business to reach more clients and for your product marketability.

Here are the popular paid online advertising strategies 

  1. Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) has been a crucial paid advertising strategy for several years now, and this trend doesn’t show any indications of slowing down anytime soon. Paid search marketing now accounts for about 65% of “clicks,” in contrast to just 35% created organically. 

The fact that PPC visitors are 50% more probably to purchase organic visitors, and it’s unexpectedly quite clear why pay-per-click advertising can be an essential way to spend your marketing budget.

  1. Social Media Ads

The power of posting ads on social media has overgrown in the past few years, especially as social media sites like Facebook have started giving users more paid marketing options than ever before. For instance, Facebook’s moderately new “Audience Insights” feature makes it simple for marketers to hone in on their target demographic, learn more about their preferences, and create excellent ad content.

Advertising on social media is one of the simplest and most valuable ways to ensure your message reaches your target audience and social media users agree. 57% of Millennials surveyed concurred that the ads they’ve seen on social media are more pertinent to them than ever before.

  1. Influencer Marketing

 In current years, influencer marketing has served as an incredibly effective source of paid advertising. Mainly, influencer marketing works directly with a well-known industry name such as a celebrity to motivate your target audience to select your company/brand. This strategy can be very effective on social media and is an incredible alternative to paid ads, which several customers are now blocking. 

  1. Banner Ads

The small, rectangular ads you often run into along the top or sidebar of a web page are the banner ads. Today, it is not unusual to see banner ads on desktop devices and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Banner ads continue to be one of the most effective despite many new paid online advertising strategies emerging in recent years.   

  1. Ad Retargeting

One considerably new paid advertising alternative picking up a lot of steam is recognized as ad retargeting or remarketing. This strategy uses cookies on a website to anonymously trail users’ activities as they move across the Web. Hence, this data can assure that users see ads relevant to them.

 Generally, remarketing or retargeting tends to be the most beneficial among websites that already have high traffic levels, preferably 5,000 visitors or more each month. If this pertains to your site, then it may be time to contemplate implementing this paid strategy for yourself.

  1. 6. Native Advertising

The sponsored listings at the end of blog posts, appearing on your Facebook feeds and posted to other Social Media are the native advertising. 

These pieces of content are incorporated and cloaked into the platform on which they appear. Through networks like Adblade, Adsonar, Outbrain, and Taboola, you can promote and post your Native Advertising.,

There are various forms of Native Advertising, including In-feed, Search ads, Recommendation widgets, and Promoted listings.


  1. Video Ads

While YouTube ads are the most famous and well-known video ads, there are numerous types and content options.

You can go the way of educational/informative. Or perhaps you want to post a how-to. Aim to pull on the emotional strings of your viewers by developing a visual story. Suitable for branding, particularly if you have a product or service that is best illustrated visually.

Whatever you select, Video Ads are increasing in popularity because they avert blatant advertising while also captivating the limited attention span of many YouTubers.

When you’ve produced your video, you can post to: YouTube/Google, Facebook, Twitter, Specific Media, and other social media. 


Any digital advertising strategy aims to drive more sales; one of the best factors of online advertising is that it doesn’t cost a lot. With a small investment, you can turn possibilities into loyal customers. While it assists in working with a marketing agency that gives online advertising services, partnering with specialists in the field ensures your business takes advantage of the right strategies.


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